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Vampire Survivors – How to Find Randomazzo

Vampire Survivors - How to Find Randomazzo

If you haven’t unlocked Arcanas in Vampire Survivors yet, chances are you’re wondering how to find Randomazzo. This is one of several relics that provide a major change to how you can play the game. Before you can find this new relic, you’ll need to have made it to the fourth stage, Gallo Tower.

I recommend making sure you have the Milky Way Map relic from stage 3 if you haven’t already gotten it. This will make it easier to find the Randomazzo not that you can’t do it without it. But, it’s a significant relic worth getting. Our guide on opening coffins in Vampire Survivors dives into it more specifically.

How to Find Randomazzo in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors - Milky Way Map Randomazzo Relic

Even if you don’t have the Milky Way Map, you can follow a green arrow near the edge of your screen. This should lead you directly to the relic.

The main reason you need to find the Randomazzo is so you can unlock Arcanas for unique buffs. If you already have the Milky Way Map, you can pause on Gallo Tower and find it immediately. It will appear as a few cards with a spade on the front of one. You’ll need to make your way up past the Bracer by a decent amount.

You’ll eventually come across the relic on the floor similar to other items like the Milky Way Map. While there are some enemies nearby to watch out for, it’s nothing compared to the coffin guards. And unlike them, you can grab the Randomazzo without having to defeat nearby enemies. This makes it easy to get even if you lose immediately afterward.

Vampire Survivors - Where is Randomazzo Relic

You can find the Randomazzo relatively quickly if you pick a fast Vampire Survivors character. Such as Mask of the Red Death, Krochi, or Christine.

All you have to do is touch the relic and you can do whatever you want afterward. This unlocks the first Arcana card, Sarabande of Healing. You can then equip it at the start of every run unless you want to equip a different card later on. But, unlocking the other cards can be difficult since they require reaching level 99 on certain characters.

If you don’t mind spoiling what every Arcana card does, our guide on unlocking Arcanas has a section describing each one. I’m definitely a fan of XM – Slash for a huge increase in damage if you’re a fan of the Death Spiral evolution. Especially if you have Mask of the Red Death unlocked.

Vampire Survivors - Picking an Arcana Card

The Sarabande of Healing can help keep you alive while also dealing a little bit of extra damage to anything nearby.

That’s all there is to this quick guide on how to find Randomazzo in Vampire Survivors. This new mechanic will surely continue to make future content updates interesting. I can’t wait to see what fun Arcana cards are added next. Be sure to visit more of our recommended guides below.