Vampire Survivors – How to Unlock New Map

Vampire Survivors - How to Unlock New Map

Vampire Survivors is consistently getting updates with new content leaving players often wondering how to unlock the new map. Since this is a common question, I’ve put together this guide on how to unlock every map and stage available. Despite most stage unlocks revolving around reaching a certain level, some are more unique.

This guide will always have the latest map added to Vampire Survivors near the top. But, if you haven’t unlocked a map from a previous update or even one of the unique challenge stages, continue searching further down.

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How to Unlock the New Map in Vampire Survivors

How to Unlock Stage 4 Gallo Tower

Vampire Survivors - How to Unlock Gallo Tower

“This tower holds great magical artifacts and historically accurate monsters.”

The fourth stage Gallo Tower was added in Patch 0.4.2. This update also came with the introduction of a new mode type called Hurry. Unlike the normal or Hyper, time ticks twice as fast with Hurry enabled. Regardless, players can unlock Gallo Tower by reaching level 60 in stage 3, Dairy Plant. You’ll also need to unlock this stage to get Arcanas.

If you want an extra 80% gold bonus, 10% luck, and 90% move speed, you’ll need to unlock the hyper mode version of this stage. Similar to other Vampire Survivors maps, you’ll need to defeat the elite enemy that spawns at 25 minutes. This is the Giant Enemy Crab which enlarges its’ claw when attacking.

How to Unlock Stage 3 Dairy Plant

Vampire Survivors - How to Unlock Dairy Plant

“The magic map hidden in here might finally lead us to a vampire, or at least to more roast chicken.”

The third stage Dairy Plant was added in Patch 0.3.0. A major feature added in this update was the Milky Way Map described in our guide on How to Open the Coffin. This permanent item across provides a way to track items on each stage that you can pick up. Unlock the Dairy Plant by reaching level 40 in stage 2, the Inlaid Library.

If you want an extra 70% gold bonus, 10% luck, and 90% move speed, continue reading for how to unlock Hyper mode. You’ll need to reach the 25-minute mark and defeat the Sword Guardian. For those of you struggling to reach the late-game in Vampire Survivors, visit our guide for item evolutions and combos.

How to Unlock Stage 2 Inlaid Library

Vampire Survivors - How to Unlock Inlaid Library

“This quiet, long library is the ideal place where to rest, meditate, and forage for roast chicken. But what’s a stone mask doing here.”

The second stage Inlaid Library is the first one you can unlock which was added in Patch 0.2.5. This led to one of our popular guides on How to Get the Stone Mask. All you need to do to unlock the Inlaid Library in Vampire Survivors is reach level 20 in stage 1, the Mad Forest.

If you want an extra 50% gold bonus, 10% luck, and 90% move speed, here’s what you need to do for Hyper mode. Reach the 25-minute mark and defeat the Nesuferit. Make sure you’re paying attention since they’ll likely make it to your character even with knockback weapons. You may struggle a little if you haven’t gotten many power ups yet.

How to Unlock Stage 1 Mad Forest

Vampire Survivors - How to Unlock Mad Forest

“The Castle is a lie, but there’s still free roast chicken here, so it’s all good.”

The first stage Mad Forest is immediately unlocked since this became available on release. With that said, you can still unlock the Hyper mode for an extra 50% gold bonus. Fortunately, this bonus continues to increase as you unlock the Hyper version of other stages.

In order to unlock it for the Mad Forest, you’ll need to reach the 25-minute mark and take out the giant Blue Venus enemy. Inlaid Library is usually easier than the Mad Forest since the swarms of bats tend to push enemies into you. So long as those exploding enemies in the library don’t reach you.

How to Unlock Challenge Stages in Vampire Survivors

How to Unlock The Bone Zone Challenge

Vampire Survivors - How to Unlock The Bone Zone

“Come over here and say your unholy vespers”.

The Bone Zone challenge stage was added in Patch 0.5.1 alongside two new Arcana cards for players to unlock. The recurring theme with unlocking challenge stages seems to be unlocking Hyper mode several times. In order to unlock The Bone Zone in Vampire Survivors, you just have to unlock Hyper mode for three normal stages.

The two unique bits about this stage are that there are no item drops, and enemies grow stronger over time. By default, you get an extra +25% move speed and 50% extra gold. If you enable Hyper mode, you’ll get another 65% move speed and extra 50% extra gold.

How to Unlock Green Acres Challenge

Vampire Survivors - How to Unlock Green Acres Challenge

“A place where mortals are not allowed. Fate changes every minute.”

The Green Acres is a unique challenge stage where you can encounter enemies from every unlocked stage. All you need to do to unlock it is get the Hyper mode for two “normal stages”. One can assume this is referring to the numbered stages mentioned above such as the Mad Forest and Dairy Plant.

Unlike normal stages, the Green Acres will already have the Hyper mode available. This adds a 50% gold bonus, 10% luck, and 90% move speed. Other than that, enemies will always have an extra 50% health regardless of whether Hyper mode is enabled.

How to Unlock Il Molise Bonus

Vampire Survivors - How to Unlock Il Molise Stage

“There exist places that don’t exist. Come to relax and enjoy life. See you in the country.”

Il Molise is a little easier to unlock than the Green Acres challenge since you only need to unlock Hyper mode on one normal stage. As mentioned above, one can assume a normal stage is any of the numbered stages. This is a bit of an odd map since enemies only appear at the edge and won’t move toward you.

Similar to the Green Acres map, Il Molise will immediately have the Hyper version available. This provides an extra 50% gold bonus, 20% luck, and 60% enemy health increase. Unlike Green Acres, the enemy health increase is only on Hyper.

That’s all there is to unlocking new maps and stages in Vampire Survivors. If a new map releases that we haven’t added to this guide yet, feel free to drop a comment and we’ll update it as soon as possible! Be sure to check out more useful guides we’ve recommended below as well.

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