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Vampire Survivors Evolution List Guide

Vampire Survivors - List of Evolutions Guide

Vampire Survivors is a difficult roguelite where it helps to know how to evolve items. This can make a huge difference since certain items gain new buffs as well as increased damage. And if you want to win a run, you’ll need to know the right combos for powerful builds. Continue reading our guide for how to evolve and every evolution available.

Don’t be surprised if more evolutions are added to Vampire Survivors as the developer has already done so. From the early Garlic evolution patch to the more recent Runetracer evolution. We’ll do our best to keep our item combos up to date.

How to EvolveAll Evolutions & Combos

How to Evolve in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors - Soul Eater Garlic Evolution Screenshot

Combining the Garlic evolution with other strong area-based ones can lead to a fun run.

Whether you’ve just started playing or have been for a bit, it’s easy to not know item combinations exist. It relies on a few conditions and getting far enough with the right items to pull off. Fortunately, once you know what to do and what item synergies you need, it’s not too hard. First, you’ll need to make it past the 10-minute mark. You can keep an eye on how long you’ve been alive by checking the timer near the top of your screen.

If you’re struggling to make it this far, you may need to buy some power ups. I’d recommend getting Armor and Move Speed or doubling down on Greed to get coins. Also, you can check our guide on How to Reach Level 99 for some build recommendations. You’ll eventually need to if you want to unlock Arcana cards for unique buffs.

Vampire Survivors - Multiple Evolutions Inlaid Library

Enemies aren’t getting anywhere near you with this build using Soul Eater, Death Spiral, Unholy Vespers, and Holy Wand.

Second, you’ll need to completely max the level of the weapon you want to evolve. As previously mentioned, not every weapon has an evolution, so it’s important to check the list below. For example, you can evolve the Runetracer now but not the Bone.

Third, you’ll need the right item/power up that synergizes with your weapon. For example, the Whip requires the Hollow Heart power up. If you’re playing Vampire Survivors for the first time, you’ll need to survive at least one minute to unlock this item. The achievements list in-game is a good way to find the requirements for unlocking certain content.

Vampire Survivors - Lucky Chest Loot

While you might not get lucky with three items, you will need to find a chest to evolve your item. And if your luck chance is high, you may even evolve multiple items at once.

And finally, once you have the right items and are past the 10-minute mark, you’ll need to open a chest on the floor. You can get these by killing elite enemies that appear as you get further into a Vampire Survivors run. Such as a giant praying mantis in the Mad Forest or Medusa in the Inlaid Library.

As long as you’ve met the right conditions, the chest will immediately give you the evolved version. In the case of evolving the Whip, you’ll get the Bloody Tear which deals critical damage and leeches health from enemies.

Every Evolution in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors - Bloody Tear Evolution

The Bloody Tear is likely to be one of your first evolutions/item combos in Vampire Survivors since it’s an early weapon available.

While most evolutions require one item and power up, there are two combos that are unique. In order to get the Vandalier evolution, you need to level up the Peachone and Ebony Wings to max before opening a chest. Similarly, you have to do the same for the Phieraggi shown in the table. However, the Phieraggi requires three items, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight The Sparrow, and the Tiragisú.

Item Power Up Evolution Description
Vampire Survivors - Whip Item


Vampire Survivors Hollow Heart Item

Hollow Heart

Vampire Survivors - Bloody Tear Whip Evolution

Bloody Tear

Evolved Whip. Can deal critical damage and absorb HP.

Vampire Survivors - Magic Wand Item

Magic Wand

Vampire Survivors - Empty Tome Item

Empty Tome

Vampire Survivors - Holy Wand Evolution

Holy Wand

Evolved Magic Wand. Fires with no delay.
Vampire Survivors - Knife Item


Vampire Survivors - Bracer Item


Vampire Survivors - Thousand Knives Knife Evolution

Thousand Edge

Evolved Knife. Fires with no delay.
Vampire Survivors - Axe Item


Vampire Survivors - Candelabrador Item


Vampire Survivors - Death Spiral Axe Evolution

Death Spiral

Evolved Axe. Passes through enemies.
Vampire Survivors - Cross Item


Vampire Survivors - Clover Item


Vampire Survivors - Heavenly Sword Cross Evolution

Heavenly Sword

Evolved Cross. Can deal critical damage.
Vampire Survivors - King Bible Item

King Bible

Vampire Survivors - Spellbinder Item


Vampire Survivors - Unholy Vespers Bible Evolution

Unholy Vespers

Evolved King Bible. Never ends.
Vampire Survivors - Fire Wand Item

Fire Wand

Vampire Survivors - Spinach Item


Vampire Survivors - Hellfire Fire Wand Evolution


Evolved Fire Wand. Passes through enemies.
Vampire Survivors - Garlic Item


Vampire Survivors - Pummarola Item


Vampire Survivors - Soul Eater Garlic Evolution

Soul Eater

Evolved Garlic. Steals hearts. Power increases when recovering HP.
Vampire Survivors - Santa Water Item

Santa Water

Vampire Survivors - Attractorb Item


Vampire Survivors - La Borra Evolution

La Borra

Evolved Santa Water. Damaging zones follow you and grow when they move. 
Vampire Survivors - Lightning Ring Item

Lightning Ring

Vampire Survivors - Duplicator Item


Vampire Survivors - Thunder Loop Evolution Item

Thunder Loop

Evolved Lightning Ring. Projectiles strike twice.
Vampire Survivors - Song of Mana Item

Song of Mana

Vampire Survivors - Skull O'Maniac Item

Skull O’Maniac

Vampire Survivors - Mannajja Evolution


Evolved Song of Mana. Might slow enemies down.
Vampire Survivors - Pentagram Item


Vampire Survivors - Crown Item


Vampire Survivors - Gorgeous Moon Evolution

Gorgeous Moon

Evolved Pentagram. Generates extra gems and gathers all of them.
Vampire Survivors - Runetracer Item


Vampire Survivors - Armor Item


Vampire Survivors - No Future Evolution

No Future

Evolved Runetracer. Explodes when bouncing and in retaliation.
Vampire Survivors - Gatti Amari Item

Gatti Amari

Vampire Survivors - Stone Mask Item

Stone Mask

Vampire Survivors - Vicious Hunger Evolution

Vicious Hunger

Evolved Gatti Amari. Might turn anything into gold.
Vampire Survivors - Shadow Pinion Item

Shadow Pinion

Vampire Survivors - Wings Item


Vampire Survivors - Valkyrie Turner Evolution

Valkyrie Turner

Evolved Shadow Pinion. Bigger, longer, faster, stronger.
Vampire Survivors - Peachone Item

Peachone (8)

Vampire Survivors - Ebony Wings Item

Ebony Wings (8)

Vampire Survivors - Vandalier Peachone Evolution


Union of Ebony Wings and Peachone.
Vampire Survivors - Bloody Tear Whip Evolution

Bloody Tear

Vampire Survivors - Vento Scaro Item

Vento Sacro

Vampire Survivors - Fuwalafuwaloo Evolution


Union of Vento Sacro and Bloody Tear. Critical hits might generate explosions.
Vampire Survivors - Phiera Der Tuphello Item

Phiera Der Tuphello (8)

Vampire Survivors - Eight The Sparrow Item

Eight the Sparrow (8)

Vampire Survivors - Tiragisú Item


Vampire Survivors - Phieraggi Evolution


Union of Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow. Scales with Revivals.
Vampire Survivors - Laurel Item


Vampire Survivors - Metaglio Left Item

Metaglio Left (9)

Vampire Survivors - Metaglio Right Item

Metaglio Right (9)

Vampire Survivors - Crimson Shroud Evolution

Crimson Shroud

Evolved Laurel. Caps incoming damage at 10. Retaliates when losing charges.
Vampire Survivors - Clock Lancet Item

Clock Lancet

Vampire Survivors - Silver Ring Item

Silver Ring (9)

Vampire Survivors - Gold Ring Item

Gold Ring (9)

Vampire Survivors - Infinite Corridor Evolution

Infinite Corridor

Evolved Clock Lancet. Halves enemies health.

That’s all there is to this Vampire Survivors guide on how to evolve and every evolution. Feel free to comment below if you have some tips and tricks of your own for surviving the full 30 minutes. My favorite evolutions so far are Gorgeous Moon, Unholy Vespers, and Death Spiral.


Wednesday 1st of June 2022

Something else to note is that the Laurel and Clock Lancet do have evolution's. In order to get them you have to spend 15 minutes on moongolow, get into the hidden forbidden and run all the way to the end. You'll be given the yellow sign which then allows you to find the passives on any map to evolve the Laurel and Clock Lancet. For the Laurel, you need to grab the Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right. For Clock Lancet you'll need the gold and silver ring. For the evo you have to level all of them to max. The cool thing is once you do so you're pretty much guaranteed to kill death especially if you manage to get both and evo them.


Thursday 7th of April 2022

To evolve Phiera Der Tuphello with the Eight The Sparrow you need both at level 8 and have also Tiragisú. Then you receive Phieraggi, which is one of the strongest weapons in the game. You also receive back a weapon slot, since Phiera and Sparrow combine into one item. (Similar to Peachone + Ebony Wings = Vandalier)

TLDR: Phiera Der Tuphello + Eight The Sparrow + Tiragisú = Phieraggi

Jeffrey Lerman

Thursday 7th of April 2022

I only just noticed that one last night after adding the Runetracer evolution. Had no idea they added another one like the Vandalier! I'll get this on my own in a little bit and then add it to the list, thank you for the heads up Sera.


Saturday 19th of February 2022

Add to that the Ring of Thunder (8) + Duplicator to get to the Thunder Loop