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Super Auto Pets – How to Get Rid of Abandon Hat

Super Auto Pets - How to Remove Abandon Hat

Super Auto Pets got a small update in early November 2021 to try and combat players abandoning too many games. If you quit too many matches, you’ll end up with a unique hat and only be able to play against other players with it. This is why many people in the community have started asking how to get rid of the abandon hat.

It’s not surprising that developer Team Wood Games added this feature since abandoning a match is quite common. This is usually because people will quit once they think their team isn’t worth salvaging. Which can be understandable depending on how badly the RNG hits you. Fortunately, the penalty isn’t too significant and can easily be removed.

How to Get Rid of Abandon Hat in Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets - How to Get Rid of Abandon Hat

For those of you wondering what the hat looks like on your pets, you can see it in this screenshot courtesy of Redditor Damonite54.

If you’re like one of the many players who wanted to see the abandon hat for fun, you probably want to get rid of it now. Nobody wants to get stuck playing in matches with only people that abandon games. This can also make it difficult for you to win if you’re only getting people constantly rerolling for the best pets.

When the update implementing this feature was first released, players started to worry that the hat was permanent. However, it turned out this was only a bug and was quickly patched out once the developer realized it. Now all you need to do is simply complete a run without abandoning it and the hat should go away. Quick disclaimer, I haven’t gotten the hat myself to test this, so this is according to the developer.

Super Auto Pets - Unique Cowboy Hats

Sometimes you just want to give your pets a cute hat! Which one is your favorite?

Since you only need to complete one run to get rid of the hat, the abandon penalty isn’t all that serious. But it may be enough to make some players consider not quitting as frequently. While it is common to abandon matches to get better rolls, this can make it more challenging for the entire community as well.

Players who abandon their team pre-emptively in Super Auto Pets are preventing someone else from getting a bad team to fight. Realistically, there are likely still plenty of bad teams out there for new players to find. But, it is an interesting perspective now that there is a penalty for abandoning too much.

Super Auto Pets Gameplay Screenshot

And sometimes you just want to play Super Auto Pets without having any hats at all.

What do you think of the abandon hat feature in Super Auto Pets? Is it too lenient, is it perfect the way it is, or should it be removed altogether? Or are you one of those players that wish you could keep the abandon hat as a silly cosmetic?

If you have any other questions for me, feel free to ask in the comments below as well. Be sure to visit some of the other useful Super Auto Pets guides here at Slyther Games.