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Wartales – How to Pay Wages

Wartales - How to Pay Wages Guide

Understanding how to pay wages in Wartales is extremely important so you don’t have an unhappy party. If your companions grow unhappy for too long, they may leave your party forever. This is why it’s necessary to pay their wages every three days without waiting too long.

Continue reading our Wartales guide on how to pay wages, the penalties for not paying them, and some quick money-making tips as well. Always remember, if you have another question, you can ask in the comments. My goal is to help make your life easier even if it’s just a guide on how to fish in Wartales.

How to Pay Wages in Wartales

Wartales - Paying Wages Guide

The toughest part of Wartales is frequently paying your party and keeping them fed.

You can only pay the wages of your companions once they’re due, so you can’t do it in advance. This means, you’ll need to wait for a message like the one in the screenshot above saying, “You have x amount wages to pay.” Another way to check if wages are due is by looking at your Krowns near the top right corner.

By hovering over your Krowns, you can see how much you’ll need to pay, when the next payday is, and if anything is currently due. All you need to do now is head to your campsite by pressing C or clicking the tent button near the bottom right corner. This is the left-most button, next to the chest button for your inventory.

Wartales - Pay Wages Campfire

Don’t forget to pay your companions for too long or else that unhappiness will add up!

Now right-click the campfire to open up a new window. You can use this window for paying wages and feeding your companions. If you don’t feed your companions, you’ll also run into issues like debuffs and moving slowly. Fortunately, you only need to click the “Pay” button on this screen when there are “Wages to Pay”. This doesn’t require feeding your party or resting. It’s just a one-time click to instantly pay.

If you’re not quite sure how wages work outside of paying them, here’s a quick explanation. For every person in your party, you’ll need to pay them a certain wage. You can check this by inspecting their character profile. An easy way to do so is right-clicking them or clicking the top left corner button to show your companions. You can then click each companion here instead to check. A neat trick is that you don’t need to pay for animals in your party.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Wages in Wartales

Wartales - How to Pay Wages Guide

Once a companion leaves your camp, they’re gone forever. Unless this changes with updates to Wartales.

You’re more likely to run into issues if you delay feeding your companions. However, if you put off paying their wages, you’ll also run into problems over time. You won’t see any penalties until resting at your camp without paying them. First, you’ll get a warning making sure you want to rest without paying their wages.

Then, you’ll get a -2 happiness modifier saying “Late Wages” until paying your party. This will continue to stack with each rest by -2 each time you don’t pay them. If you already have a lot of excess happiness, you won’t really experience any penalties as far as I can tell. However, if your overall happiness runs below zero, you’ll risk the chance of companions leaving permanently.

Wartales - Not Paying Wages Penalty

Certain foods and drinks are a good way to help increase your happiness if you’re having trouble. There are also certain knowledge perks too like Comaraderie.

You can visibly see which companions may leave due to unhappiness if they have a red frowning face above them, in the camp. Hovering over the happiness smiley face near the top right will show what percentage your companions have of leaving each rest.

Another penalty from being below zero in happiness is losing Influence as well. It seems to be -5 Influence for every -1 happiness. For example, having -10 happiness will make you lose 50 Influence per rest. Chances are most of you won’t experience this situation. But, it can be frustrating on higher difficulties where Influence may not be as easy to acquire.

Quick Money Making Tips in Wartales

Wartales - Money Making Tips

One of my favorite ways to make money early on is capturing outlaws and turning them into the jail.

Keeping your party happy and alive in Wartales can be difficult if you’re having money problems. While this guide isn’t dedicated to making money, here are some quick tips that may help you out.

  • Completing contracts at town taverns
  • Gathering plants and ore around the map to sell
  • Crafting potions, equipment, and armor to sell
  • Battles provide some Krowns
  • Selling gems from mining once your miner levels up
  • Capturing bandits and bringing them to jail

That’s all there is to this Wartales guide on how to pay wages. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below. I’ll do my best to help out if I’m able to.