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Going Medieval – How to Get Water

Going Medieval - How to Get Water Guide

Keeping your settlers happy in Going Medieval is important if you want to survive and continue growing your colony. This is why you need to keep a stockpile full of food and alcohol so you don’t end up with “desperately thirsty” settlers. One of the common questions I’ve seen from players is how to get water, even though water doesn’t exist in the game.

That’s why I put together this guide to help players understand their settlers are actually looking for alcohol. And not water as the negative mood modifiers suggest. So if you’d like to learn how to get a stockpile of alcohol going, continue reading below.

How to Get Water in Going Medieval

As we’ve already mentioned above, your settlers won’t be happy if you run out of alcohol. While on the bright side, they don’t actually need water to survive. And as there isn’t a water mechanic aside from the rain, your crops don’t need it either. Now you just need to start producing alcohol to keep your settlers happy.

Before you can get one of the many different alcohol items in Going Medieval, you’ll need a Brewing Station. This requires one of the early research technologies, Brewing. You’ll have to research Architecture and Agriculture before you can reach it, however. Once you have the technology, place a Brewing Station and set a production queue order.

Going Medieval - Brewing Alcohol Tip

Take advantage of multiple Brewing Stations so you have a stockpile of alcohol available.

You’ll have access to three different types to produce: Rough Wine, Ale, and Beer. Rough Wine and Ale don’t require a high Culinary skill, so you can produce them with any settler. While Beer requires a Culinary skill of 10, which still isn’t too high. Regardless of which item you produce, you’ll want to focus on one farm crop for that type. For example, if you’re making Rough Wine, plant Redcurrant Shrubs.

Another useful tip regarding Brewing Stations is that they take a while to produce an item. Once your settler has prepared the necessary ingredients, you simply have to wait for the station to finish brewing. This is why it doesn’t hurt to build more than one Brewing Station so you have more being made simultaneously.

If you have any other Going Medieval questions for us, feel free to comment below the article. And I’ll try to get back to you to help out. If you’d like to see more useful guides filled with neat tips and tricks, visit our guide hub. Or perhaps take a look at one of the many guides below too.