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Going Medieval – How to Remove Shackles

Going Medieval - How to Remove Shackles

As you get further into city builder Going Medieval, you’ll run into conflicts with raiders. This is a major part of how you can get more settlers for your village. And in the process, you’ll encounter random events where a settler is escaping from bandits with shackles on. If you choose to accept them into your town, you’ll want to remove those shackles immediately. Otherwise, the person will keep a heavy negative mood modifier until they’re removed.

How to Remove Shackles/Chains in Going Medieval

If you’ve recently welcomed a settler into your colony that’s on the run from bandits, you may have noticed they have shackles on. While they don’t seem to slow down your settler at all, they do negatively affect their mood. This is why you’ll want to click the settler and visit their inventory to remove them.

If you’re not sure how to find their inventory, don’t worry it’s nothing too complicated. Once you’ve clicked the settler with shackles on, take a look at the bottom right corner. In this area, you’ll see the person’s stats and a window to the left of that. Click the little bag/pouch icon to see what they currently have equipped. This will show the equipped shackles/chains that you can remove by simply clicking the down arrow next to them.

While I can’t imagine other settlers in your colony wanting to equip the shackles by choice, you should mark them as forbidden. You can do this by clicking them and pressing “Insert” by default or clicking the hand icon near the bottom right corner. The last thing you want is a settler equipping them and wandering about with their mood draining quickly.

How to Smelt Shackles For Metal

Going Medieval - Blacksmith's Forge Smelting

Otherwise, another useful trick you can take advantage of to get rick of shackles is dismantling. You can set a production order at a Blacksmith’s Forge to smelt items for metal. Just make sure to edit the production order to only smelt shackles if you don’t want to dismantle other items too. This is a neat way to get some extra resources from low-quality weapons and armor too.

If you have any other Going Medieval questions for us, feel free to ask in the comments below the article. Otherwise, be sure to visit our guide hub for more useful tips and tricks. We’ve listed a few guides below that may help you learn a thing or two as well.