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Biomutant – What to Sell or Scrap

Biomutant - What to Scrap Tip

One of the confusing parts of Biomutant is getting money because it’s not clear what you should sell or scrap. Since there isn’t an obvious way to get money like finishing quests, you need to rely on selling items. Unfortunately, the truth is, the green leaf bushes you can find in the world aren’t a great source of money. That’s why I put together this guide on what’s worth selling and scrapping.

What to Sell or Scrap in Biomutant

Biomutant - What to Sell Guide

Certain valuable items may be worth selling if you don’t have the right attributes.

Biomutant’s world is filled with a variety of item types that often have silly names. Whether you’re collecting junk or new weapons, you’ll want to make sure you sell the right stuff. The main thought to keep in mind is to only get rid of what you don’t plan to use. For example, if you have some ranged or melee weapon parts that are far below your current gear, get rid of them.

There’s no point in keeping weak items unless you plan to upgrade them. And while you can do that, it often ends up requiring too many materials to be worth it. This is why you’re better off crafting a new weapon with the parts you already have. I make a habit of selling expensive items that I don’t plan on using while scrapping cheap ones instead.

Higher quality items and weapons will scrap for more material, but not always by a lot. In some cases, items may vary in cost by a couple of thousand green leaves (money) and give one extra material. So make sure to double-check first whether it’s worth selling an item or scrapping it.

Biomutant - What Not to Sell

Elemental items can be a rare sight worth keeping.

As someone that beat Biomutant by only upgrading my Luck attribute, I’ve gotten a decent amount of loot. If you end up with an item below 1,000, I’d probably scrap it instead of selling it. You’re not going to get much money from that, so it’s worth having the materials on hand instead. Especially if you get into upgrading your gear.

The only items I’d avoid selling or scrapping are ones with elemental effects. These are under the base types for both ranged and melee weapons. The weapon icon will have a slightly different look such as ice, fire, or a purple radioactive glow. In my experience, they feel rarer so you might not want to offload them immediately.

Gathering Superb Loot For High-Value Items

Biomutant - Superb Loot Tip

Don’t waste your time keeping old gear you’re never going to wear.

With that said, make sure you keep an eye out for glowing boxes and lockers that may have high rarity gear inside. Legendary items always make a box glow with an orange/red color when you’re close to them. While rare items have a golden glow instead. When you’re clearing area objectives, containers with legendary or rare items are often listed as “superb loot”.

If you have any other Biomutant questions for us, feel free to ask in the comments below the article. We’ll try to get back to you and help out if we can. Otherwise, be sure to visit our guide hub for more useful tips and tricks. We’ve also put together a few guides below that may teach you something new.

A Biomutant key was provided by a PR company for coverage purposes.