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Biomutant – Can You Respec

Biomutant - Can You Respec Guide

Biomutant is an open-world RPG where you can build your character by using all sorts of points to get stronger. These include upgrade points, bio points, psi-points, and attributes. Unfortunately, with how long Biomutant has been in development, there has been contradicting information on whether or not you can respec.

Can You Respec in Biomutant

Biomutant - Respec Points Screenshot

The unfortunate answer is that you can’t respec or reset points. These are locked in once you spend them. The one good thing is that you can save up everything except for your attribute points. So don’t feel the need to immediately buy the next upgrade if you’re not quite sure yet. It’s easy to not know how you want to play until getting some time in Biomutant.

Once I got my first few upgrades and psi abilities, I started saving up points for more expensive ones. If you don’t mind spending a bunch of time exploring the Biomutant world and completing side quests, you’ll get plenty of points and attributes. But if you’re rushing through the story instead, don’t expect to get quite as many.

Developer Explorer 101 originally stated in an interview three years ago that you’d be able to respec at any time from the menu. However, as goes with game development, it takes a long time and things can change. This seems to have been the case for Biomutant as there isn’t any clear feature to reset. Although, there is a new game plus mode where there may be some flexibility. But we haven’t experienced it yet.

With all that said, there is still one thing you can change in Biomutant. And that’s the way your character looks. Continue reading down to the next section below to find out how you can change your appearance.

Can You Change Appearance in Biomutant

Changing Your Fur at Trim

Biomutant - Trim Fur Costs

While you can’t respec or reset your points, you can still change your character’s look. First, you’ll need to make some progress in Biomutant and meet a barber named Trim. As shown in the screenshot below, you can find him at Spurftop, northeast of the Urfidurf Outpost. Once you find Trim, you’ll need to complete a side quest unlocking his services.

Biomutant - Trim Map Location

After you finish the first side quest getting him his clippers, he’ll offer to change your fur pattern for 200 Green Leaves. This is the green money currency in Biomutant. Now he’ll ask you to help him get dyes to unlock the rest of his services for changing your fur color.

Changing Your Body Type

If you want to go a step further and completely change how your character looks, there’s an option for that too. While we haven’t done it ourselves, you can supposedly change your body type at one of two radioactive power plants. These are labeled near the southwestern portion of the map as Bio Nucleus 8D and 6D.

Biomutant - Nuclear Power Plant Screenshot

As these areas are extremely radioactive, you’ll need a Biohazard suit or high resistance to survive. Once you enter the power plant, search for a pool of radioactive liquid to interact with. You can spend one bio point to change your body type without any stat changes taking place. Changing your body works the same way as in the character creator.

If you have any other Biomutant questions for us, feel free to comment below the article. Otherwise, be sure to visit more guides here at Slyther Games listed below. We’re currently working on more to continue helping the community out.

A key for Biomutant was provided by a PR company for coverage purposes.