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Biomutant – How to Get a Pip

Biomutant - How to Get a Pip

One of the early Biomutant side quests sends you to get a pip fruit for taming a new mount. Depending on your journey, this may or may not be your first one. The Open World side quest teaches you how to get a pip and tame a Gnoat. But it’s still easy to not understand how you’re supposed to glide under a bush. That’s where we come in with this short guide explaining how it works below.

How to Get a Pip in Biomutant

Biomutant - Pipbush Mount Screenshot

You can slide under pipbushes to get this pink fruit for taming Gnoats.

When you first come across a Gnoat for The Open World side quest, there should also be a pipbush nearby. If you’re not sure what a pipbush looks like, take a look at the screenshot above. It’s a gathering of branches with a pink pip fruit inside. You’ll need to grab this if you plan on taming the nearby Gnoat with it.

It’s easy to skip the tooltip that explains how to grab it without realizing it. All you need to do is use your dodge roll button when near the bush. This will make you slide underneath or as the tooltip suggests, “glide”. Just make sure you’re right up against the bush or it may not register as a slide through it. Once it works, your character will slide underneath and grab the pip.

If you’re playing on PC, this is the Alt button by default. Thanks to Lorenzo Sprangers commenting we now know it’s B to dodge on Xbox One. And likely circle for those playing on PlayStation 4.

Taming Your First Mount

Biomutant - Gnoat Mount Tip

Mounts are a useful way to travel through the Biomutant world a little bit quicker.

All you need to do afterward is find a Gnoat and interact with it to tame it. For the purpose of The Open World side quest, interacting with the Gnoat will immediately complete the quest. And you’ll have a new mount to ride around Biomutant. While all mounts supposedly are the same speed, you can still tame all different types.

Another useful trick for getting around Biomutant quickly is to take advantage of fast traveling. For every flag your character pees on, you can fast travel there. This also includes outposts you’ve conquered with your tribe. You’ll want to fast-travel for those missions that make you backtrack quite a bit.

If you have any other questions for us on how to get a pip or anything else really in Biomutant, comment below the article. We’re here to try and help you enjoy your game that much more. For more guides filled with tips, visit our guide hub or check some useful ones listed below.

A Biomutant key was provided by a PR company for coverage purposes.

Lorenzo Sprangers

Friday 28th of May 2021

The dodge button is B on xbox controller and probably circle on playstation controller on default. I had to run towards it and then last minute do the dodge roll under the plant to pick it up.

Jeffrey Lerman

Friday 28th of May 2021

Updated the article with those controls, thanks for the heads up Lorenzo. Good to know about needing to run toward it as well. I wonder if that's a difference from the PC version.