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Does Enlisted Have Bots?

Does Enlisted Have Bots Screenshot

Enlisted is a free to play WW2 game where you may be wondering, does it have bots? Perhaps you’ve played a match and noticed a bunch of players running into a wall. Or you haven’t even played the game and you’re just curious how it all works. Don’t worry, we’ll help you understand what’s going on with bots in Enlisted. Continue reading our short guide to it all below.

Does Enlisted Have Bots?

Leading AI Soldiers/Bots in the Squads Mode

Enlisted - Squad Mode AI Bots

The quick answer to this question is that yes, there are bots. However, it’s important to distinguish the two different types. First, the main mode for playing this game is called Squads. This is where you lead an entire squad and can even swap between AI soldiers under your control. As explained in our tips and tricks guide, this helps with staying in the action. So don’t be surprised if you see AI soldiers running into walls while playing this mode.

While the AI isn’t bad, you’ll still run into situations where AI soldiers tend to get stuck. This is why some players complain about engineers trapping soldiers near respawn points. AI soldiers/bots often struggle with getting through doorways that have sandbags in them. If you play the engineer class frequently, you should always leave some sort of way out of rally point spawns. Otherwise, you’ll end up with some angry players destroying your rally point. Nobody wants that, especially with how engineers already don’t get points for building.

Bots Replacing Players in Your Match

The second type of bot that most players don’t want to see are the ones disguised as players. This isn’t the same as the AI soldiers led by a player. But rather, bots with actual names on the scoreboard that are leading their own AI squads. While it can be difficult to confirm who is or isn’t a bot, it’s clear when you see people running into walls in the Lone Fighters mode. For those that don’t know, players don’t control full squads in this mode. Instead, they play as an individual soldier. You can see a prime example of bots in the Lone Fighters mode via the video below.

Can You Play With Only Bots?

If you came to this Enlisted guide wondering whether you can play with only bots, there’s no guaranteed way to do this. Since you can’t create your own private server, you’ll always have to use the matchmaking to get online. And thus, preventing you from playing alone or with friends in a bot game.

With all that said, even if there are bots in your match, it isn’t always a bad thing. The only time I’d really like to know who is a bot is when they’re not marking or communicating. Otherwise, you benefit from bots filling matches if you’re playing during a quiet time or in a region with fewer players. This helps keep matchmaking times low while getting you into fresh games consistently.

If you learned something new in this guide, be sure to visit our Enlisted guide hub here for more useful tips and tricks. And if you have a question you’re wondering about, comment below the article asking for help. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible if we can help. In the meantime, here are some guides we think you may be interested in.