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The Walking Dead: Survivors – How to Get Power Quick

The Walking Dead Survivors Technology Power

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a mobile strategy game where it’s important to increase your power to stay on top. Almost everything you do leads to an increase in power unless you lose fighters from PvP. Continue reading our guide below to learn some of the best ways on how to get power quickly and even free Rubies too.

How to Get Power Quick in The Walking Dead: Survivors

Before we get into the different methods for getting power, there are a few things worth mentioning. As this is a free to play game, those who spend money are more likely to increase their power quickly. You can learn more about how microtransactions work in The Walking Dead: Survivors from our mobile game guide here. While it is possible to get the real money currency for free, you’ll never keep up with those spending money. So be prepared for a different experience depending on how you play.

Continue Building Your Base For Power

The Walking Dead Survivors Power Stats

Find out how much power you get from each building level by checking the “i” button.

It’s always important to keep making new buildings and upgrading them too, but a lot of your power comes from here. As you continue making progress in The Walking Dead: Survivors mobile game, you’ll unlock more builder queues. However, those who spend money will unlock more than free players. Be sure to prioritize upgrading your Town Hall because this will unlock other buildings and upgrades too.

A useful method for checking how much power a building or technology gives you is going to the details for it. After pressing the “i” button for information and then another “i” circle button to the right of a building’s name, you’ll see the power for each level. This makes it easier to see what buildings give a lot of power and which don’t.

Research Technology to Increase Power

The Walking Dead Survivors Technology Power

Keep upgrading your technology to increase in overall power as well as strength.

While building your base, you’ll want to always be researching a technology at your Library. This is why it’s also important to continue upgrading your Library as further tech requires a higher level. As you start getting deeper into the tech tree, you’ll frequently come across technology that gives several thousand power each time. Don’t forget, you can ask for help completing research if you’re in a clan. This will help reduce those long times, especially when they start becoming hours long.

Constantly Train Fighters For Power

The Walking Dead Survivors Training Fighters

Every time you get a new batch of fighters, you’ll get a nice boost in power.

A significant part of The Walking Dead: Survivors is fighting Walkers and players. This is why you should always be training fighters at each of the three training facilities: Fire Station, Police Station, Stable. You can get a decent amount of power by keeping these going as well as helping yourself against tougher enemies.

A useful trick for increasing your power and army is upgrading House buildings. Each house level allows you to train more fighters at a training facility. This eventually leads to several thousand power per group trained.

Get Speed Up Items For Free

The Walking Dead Survivors Speed Up Items

Speed up items are a great way to complete buildings and research quicker.

There are a few ways to get free items that reduce the time it takes for different timers to complete. By completing buildings and training units quicker, your power will increase significantly. For example, The Walking Dead: Survivors regularly has events that you can complete for rewards. These often include speed up items of different types depending on the tier you complete.

You can tap the trophy icon at the top right to see the current events going on. One example is the Survival Challenge where you get points toward rewards from doing certain tasks. These vary from training fighters to upgrading survivors.

Get Rubies in The Walking Dead: Survivors For Free

The Walking Dead Survivors Free Rubies

Keep an eye out for useful ways to get free Rubies in The Walking Dead: Survivors.

Rubies are the premium currency that cost real money in The Walking Dead: Survivors. The main reason we’re diving into free ways to get them is because you can complete almost everything using Rubies. That includes training fighters, finishing buildings, and even buying resources. One of the best ways to get free Rubies is from dailies.

This leads to anywhere from 600 to 700 Rubies every day if you manage to complete every single one. Unfortunately, a couple of them are tough such as claiming a golden chest from the Survival Challenge event. Other methods are included below for getting free Rubies.

  • Killing Walkers have a chance of dropping Rubies. World events like Military Convoys do too.
  • Opening Survivor’s Treasure chests under the clan Gifts tab.
  • Participating in events and ranking highly against others for extra rewards.
  • Opening daily chests and getting double the amount of Rubies by watching ads.
  • Completing chapter tasks quickly for huge Ruby bonuses.
  • The developer frequently gives out Rubies for maintenance or updates, so check your mail for messages.

Join a Clan to Expand Quicker

The Walking Dead Survivors Clan Power Tip

Active clans have all sorts of advantages like free resources and help reducing timers.

While we’ve mentioned this tip a little in this guide already, it’s extremely important to join a clan. When you first start The Walking Dead: Survivors, the tooltips shove you toward joining one. However, you’ll benefit the most from playing in an active clan where you can frequently get help. Whether that includes reduced timers on buildings and research or fighting Woodbury Armies together.

You can get all sorts of rewards and benefits from a clan that lead to an increase in power. Plus, you’ve got someone around to have your back if a neighbor attacks. Or you’ve got a few buddies around to attack a clan for resources.

If you have any other questions related to The Walking Dead: Survivors, feel free to ask in the comments below the article. We’ve also listed a few useful guides listed below that you may find helpful.


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