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3 Best Outriders Devastator Builds For Endgame

Outriders - Devastator Builds Guide Art

Outriders has four different classes each with its own advantages once you have a good grasp of the game. That even includes the Devastator despite many of the best builds using rounds skills. Which if you’re playing the Devastator, you know they don’t have that a round-based skill for mass DPS. Even with the recent nerf by developer People Can Fly, it’s still a popular skill to use. That’s why we’ve gathered three great builds currently being used for endgame Expeditions.

If you come across a strong Devastator build that you like, be sure to share it in the comments below the article. We’d love for this underrated class to get a little more love for those that enjoy playing them. The only reason I haven’t made any builds for them yet myself is because I’m still leveling up each class.

Quick warning, many Devastator builds rely heavily on gear such as legendaries or tier 3 mods.

Best Devastator Builds For Outriders Endgame

Devastator Melee Build – SwingPoynt

One major advantage of this melee build from YouTuber SwingPoynt is that it doesn’t require tons of legendaries. That immediately makes it worth trying if you haven’t sunk hours-on-end playing Outriders yet. SwingPoynt uses these skills in the video: Earthquake, Golem, and Gravity Leap, alongside the melee skill. Watch the video below to understand how the build works with a good combination of sustain and damage to reach high Challenge Tiers.

  • Skills Used: Earthquake, Golem, Gravity Leap
  • Class Tree Path: Seismic Shifter

Devastator Vanquisher Build For CT 15 – Crazymrpipz

This Vanquisher build is courtesy of YouTuber Crazymrpipz for pushing Challenge Tier 15 Expeditions. It’s a great example of how powerful the Devastator can be so long as you have the right gear. That’s one unfortunate part of this build, it’s loaded with legendaries and tier 3 mods. By buffing his firepower when using skills, his firepower gets as high as 569k. Watch the video below even if you don’t have a bunch of legendaries. You can still get a decent idea of some tricks he’s using.

  • Skills Used: Tremor or Gravity Leap, Golem, Boulderdash
  • Class Tree Path: Vanquisher

Devastator Ultimate Bleed Build – RoundedTikTak

Devastator builds revolving around bleed are common and this one from RoundedTikTak takes full advantage. Unfortunately, however, similar to the previous one, this is extremely legendary and tier 3 mod heavy. RoundedTikTak touts it as having quick CT 15 clear speeds, high AoE damage, and strong survivability. Skills used here are Earthquake, Impale, and Golem. Watch the complete video below to understand how it works for some strong tips and tricks.

  • Skilled Used: Earthquake, Impale, Golem
  • Class Tree Path: Seismic Shifter

Let us know in the comments below what you think of these builds. And if you find a useful or better one, share them below with others too. Between balance changes and more people playing Outriders over time, all sorts of new builds are bound to keep popping up. For more Outriders guides at Slyther Games, visit our guide hub here or one of the many helpful guides below.