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Outriders – What Happened to Moloch

Outriders - Moloch Altered Character

If you’re playing the looter shooter Outriders and wondering what happened to an altered character named Moloch, this guide is for you. We’ll discuss briefly below what happened to him depending on where you are in the story. And if you’d like to understand his complete lore with everything available in-game, we have a more in-depth guide here.

Quick disclaimer that you’re going to run into some spoilers below regarding Moloch. These aren’t significant to the main Outriders story, however.

What Happened to Moloch in Outriders

The first time you encounter Moloch is during the Onslaught quest. While working with Trench Town to take over a bunker, you’ll eventually run into him once all the Insurgents are dealt with. After a short cutscene, a boss fight takes place. Despite beating him, a cutscene shows him surviving and then you wake up back in Trench Town. This leads one to assume that he got away. You won’t run into Moloch again until completing the Outriders story and pursuing the endgame content.

As mentioned in our lore guide, you’ll come across him for the second and final time during the Frontline expedition. This is part of the endgame content for Outriders. He’s the final boss for this expedition where you’ll actually get a chance to kill him this time. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything special to killing him aside from a small update to his journal entry. The only other time you’ll come across anything related to Moloch is during the side quest, The Scientific Method.

Outriders - Moloch Character Lore

This side quest details what happened to Moloch turning him into an Altered. Despite many characters becoming Altered due to anomaly storms, his conversion is a little bit darker. You can find the full info regarding this and more in our lore guide here.

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