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Sands of Salzaar – How to Change Language

Sands of Salzaar - How to Change Language

If you’re playing Sands of Salzaar and your game has defaulted to Chinese, but you need it in English, this guide is for you. It seems one of the recent updates has made it default to Chinese for certain players on Steam. Fortunately, it’s a simple fix, that’s only really confusing when you can’t read the options. That’s why the images below will give you each step along the way.

How to Play Sands of Salzaar in English

I’ve kept the header image at the top of this article in English, so you can compare what both languages look like. Regardless, you can follow the below instructions to change your language from Chinese to English.

Go to Settings on the Main Menu. This is the third button from the top.

Sands of Salzaar - Change Language

Click the dropdown language box at the top of the settings menu, under the first tab. This will show both the Chinese language choice and English, shown in English.

Sands of Salzaar - Change Language to English

After clicking English under the language settings, confirm your selection by pressing the golden confirm button at the bottom of the screenshot above.

If you have any other issues trying to change your language from Chinese to English, or even vice versa, let me know in the comments below the article. And I’ll do my best to hopefully get Sands of Salzaar working for you.

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Sands of Salzaar released for PC via Steam Early Access on January 2, 2020, with the Chinese language first. It received an English translation update on September 22, 2020. The Chinese translation of the game’s name is 部落与弯刀.


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