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11 Best Roundguard Tips and Tricks

Roundguard Guide

Toss RPG mechanics into the pachinko gameplay of Peggle and you’ve got a delightful game named Roundguard. Developer Wonderbelly Games has designed a lovely game that deserves your attention. In the meantime, I’ve gathered a bunch of best tips together to help you beat it. Check them out below.

Table of Contents

Tip 1 – Every Class Has Advantages
Tip 2 – Guide Your Path Using the Map
Tip 3 – Plan Two Steps Ahead
Tip 4 – Level Up to Become Stronger
Tip 5 – Carefully Pick Your Potions
Tip 6 – Break Pots to Reach Enemies
Tip 7 – Understand How Much Damage Enemies Deal
Tip 8 – Learn How to Get Trinkets
Tip 9 – Relics Can Help and Hurt You
Tip 10 – Stack Combos For More Money
Tip 11 – New Gear Isn’t Always Better

Tip 1 – Every Class Has Advantages

Roundguard Best Class

There are three classes each with their own starting stats.

There are three unique classes in Roundguard each with its own benefits. For example, the Wizard has the most mana, the Warrior has the highest health, and the Rogue is balanced. Each class has its own set of skills you can master. And after each run, the skill they start with changes to something else.

I have a quick tip for each class below. However, my personal favorite for the best class is Shade the Rogue. Her skills provide the most control over your movement on top of the potential to deal high damage.

Class Tips
Warrior Great at getting through obstacles with a charge attack that slices through pots.
Rogue Great mobility with a double jump skill and damage over time potential using poison attacks.
Wizard Strong, but difficult character until you learn her skills. The wisp skill/spell is really strong when stacked.

Tip 2 – Guide Your Path Using the Map

Roundguard Map

Use the map to target items and bosses along your path.

This tip is one of a few simple ones that can easily be underrated. From the start of Roundguard, you can open the map and see the path ahead of you. This is an easy way to guide a path toward weapons, skills, armor, etc. So long as you effectively steer your character, you can keep getting stronger while avoiding danger.

For those wondering, the map is procedural and contains three acts.

Tip 3 – Plan Two Steps Ahead

Screenshot Planning

Planning two steps ahead is the best way to win.

Developer Wonderbelly Games did a talk about how the game immediately knows where your character is going to bounce based on where you aim. Your goal shouldn’t always be to shoot immediately at what you want. Sometimes it’s better to think of where you’re going to hit and where you’ll bounce to. This helps for setting up enemy kills, potions, more treasure, etc.

Tip 4 – Level Up to Become Stronger

Level Up

With every level, you become slightly stronger.

Leveling up in any RPG is always a good idea because you’ll get stronger. If you want to level up in Roundguard, you need to focus on killing enemies. Each level will give you more attack, maximum health, and maximum mana.

Tip 5 – Carefully Pick Your Potions

Roundguard Potions

Try not to overindulge on potions you don’t need.

A lot of my tips revolve around planning your moves because it makes a big difference. Tip 5 is about only grabbing potions when you need them. If you already have full mana, what’s the point of focusing mana potions? You might need that mana later!

Tip 6 – Break Pots to Reach an Enemies

Break Pots

The easiest way to reach an enemy surrounded by pots is through them.

While the Warrior class has a skill to slice through pots, not everyone has it so easy. Remember that damaged pots disappear on the next turn. This is important because it helps you reach those tough to hit spots. Especially when it’s a boss hiding behind a bunch of pots or graves.

Tip 7 – Understand How Much Damage Enemies Deal

Roundguard Damage

Don’t die from not knowing how much damage an enemy can deal.

Don’t forget to check how much damage each enemy on the right side does when you hit them. Make sure you don’t accidentally target an enemy that can kill you in one hit! Always keep an eye on your health and their damage.

Tip 8 – Learn How to Get Trinkets

Roundguard How to Get Trinkets

Trinkets are the golden key to beating Roundguard.

Trinkets in Roundguard function as passive buffs that you can keep collecting throughout your run. Here are a few ways to get them:

  • Defeating a boss
  • Completing quests
  • The Wheel of Wonders

Bosses might be a scary way to get trinkets, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Tip 9 – Relics Can Help and Hurt You

Roundguard Relics

Relics are a captivating way to change up your experience.

Relics give your Roundguard run a twist with unique settings that change the gameplay. For example, the Brilliance relic gives extra mana, mana potions give double mana, and you permanently lose 1 mana per turn. As you can imagine, the positives easily outweigh the negatives. Especially if you’re a Wizard.

Tip 10 – Stack Combos For More Money

Combos Gameplay

Hit as many pots as possible to stack those money earning combos.

The more pots you hit leads to higher combos and even more money per turn. The Rogue excels at staying near the top of the screen by using her double jump. However, other classes have unique skills too. If you’re trying to get extra money for the Wheel of Wonders or a high score, hit as many pots as you can.

Tip 11 – New Gear Isn’t Always Better

Roundguard Gear

Gather the best gear so you can easily beat your enemies.

You’ll frequently find new armor, weapons, and skills in Roundguard. And they’re not always better for you. Be sure to compare the differences and decide what works best for your setup. If you’re having trouble staying alive, getting that extra health makes a difference. Although, sometimes it’s nice to get a mana boost from hitting pots instead.

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Roundguard is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and iOS, as of March 13, 2020.

Roundguard was provided by the developer via a Steam code.