Outriders - How Long to Beat

Outriders – How Long to Beat the Demo

Outriders is a third-person RPG shooter coming out on April 1, 2021, that currently has a demo available to play. If you’re wondering how long it takes to beat the…

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Terraria Journey's End Guide

10 Best Terraria Tips and Tricks to Get Started

The final Terraria update everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived and now is the time to get a refresher with this guide. Especially if this is your first…

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Serin Fate - Fishing Guide

Serin Fate – Fishing Guide Tips

If you’re not sure how to fish in Serin Fate, don’t worry, I’ve got a guide for you. Since Serin Fate released on Steam Early Access as an alpha version,…

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Roundguard Guide

11 Best Roundguard Tips and Tricks

Toss RPG mechanics into the pachinko gameplay of Peggle and you’ve got a delightful game named Roundguard. Developer Wonderbelly Games has designed a lovely game that deserves your attention. In…

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SteamWorld Quest Review – Puns & Robots

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamesh shows how Image & Form keeps tackling different genres successfully. The SteamWorld universe got its start in 2010 as a tower defense game and has…

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Kynseed – Start Your Own Pig Riding Adventure

If you’re looking for a mystical world to explore and influence, Kynseed is worth looking at. PixelCount Studios has employees that worked on the Fable franchise if you’re wondering what’s…

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