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Serin Fate – Fishing Guide Tips

Serin Fate - Fishing Guide

If you’re not sure how to fish in Serin Fate, don’t worry, I’ve got a guide for you. Since Serin Fate released on Steam Early Access as an alpha version, it’s lacking certain information to help you understand what you’re doing. That’s why I’m here to help you out.

How to Fish in Serin Fate

Getting a Fishing Rod and Lure

Serin Fate Shopkeeper

The shopkeeper that has your fishing gear is only open during the day.

Before you start fishing, you’ll need a Fishing Rod and Lure. The easiest way to get these two items is by going to the nearby town, Midship. Once you enter from the north side, there’s a shop near the bottom right corner. The picture above shows what the shop looks like.

Your primary concern before buying a Fishing Rod and Lure is that it costs 1 gold and 300 copper. Unfortunately, in Serin Fate, you start without any money and need to earn a little before you can afford your fishing equipment. However, it’s still important to know where this shopkeeper is so you can sell him items you gather. Whether you run around grabbing runes and stone or killing slimes for items, you’ll get that money quickly.

Serin Fate - Fisherman

The fisherman NPC in the Autumn Forest will give you fishing gear at a discount.

The other option to get a Fishing Rod, Lure, and Bait simultaneously, is to talk to an NPC deep in the Autumn Forest. This fisherman will give you all three for 1 gold, but it’s a little more dangerous to get to him. If you want to look for him, he’s near the top left corner of the zone.

Fishing Minigame

Serin Fate - Fishing Guide

Understand how the fishing minigame works with these tips.

Now that you have a Fishing Rod and Lure, you can start fishing. Find any source of water such as a pond or lake, as long as it’s not the fountain in Midship. Then, make sure your Fishing Rod and Lure are equipped on the hotkey bar. If they’re not on the hotkey bar, they won’t work together.

Once your Fishing Rod is selected, activate/use it and click where you want to fish in the water. There’s a limited range to how far you can go, but it doesn’t matter where you click. Either way, the minigame that appears will change each time regardless of the spot.

Now that you’ve clicked somewhere, you have 10 turns to move your Lure to find a bubbling spot where fish are. If you run out of those 10 turns, your Lure gets pulled back to you, and that’s it for that minigame.

Catching a fish is as simple as moving your Lure to the bubbling spot and waiting for a notification that says, “Bite”. Then, you’ll have to press “spacebar” as quickly as you can to catch it once that notification appears. It may take anywhere from 3 seconds to 20 seconds for it to notify you, there’s no set timer.

Gaining and Losing Turns While Fishing

Fishing Guide

Find a nice pond to fish and relax.

The fishing minigame has a few tricks to it that you’ll learn relatively fast. The table below briefly explains each obstacle and trick you can take advantage of.

Seaweed Lose a couple of turns if you hit it.
Log Lose a few turns if you hit it.
Litter Lose several turns if you hit any.
Water Current Pushes your lure with the current without spending any turns.
Lilypad It can be jumped over if there’s only one.
Green Plus Adds two turns when moved onto.

How to Get Bait

Serin Fate Bait

The Carrion Prey birds are a great source of bait and easy kills for training your Chimera.

Bait is important if you want a good chance at catching fish and not random garbage instead. However, there are multiple ways to get bait in Serin Fate. First, you can kill Slime enemies for a low chance at dropping bait. Second, you can fish bubble spots without bait and have a small chance of it. Third, the best way to get bait is by killing large blue birds known as Carrion Prey.

Carrion Prey enemies are extremely common in the Autumn Forest and can drop up to three bait at a time. This is probably your best way to get it since none of the shopkeepers sell any yet.

Remember to equip the bait on your hotkey bar as well when fishing. The same concept applies as the Fishing Rod and Lure, you need it on your hotkey bar for it to be used. Also, try to be more alert when using bait because fish can steal it if you’re not quick enough.

I hope this fishing guide helps you understand the Serin Fate minigame more easily. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll help you out.

Serin Fate released for PC via Steam Early Access, on March 10, 2020. Also, it was Kickstarted on April 11, 2019, for $9,370, surpassing its $4,800 goal.

Serin Fate was provided by the developer via a Steam code.