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Best 15 Noita Mods to Install

Noita 15 Best Mods to Install

If you’re looking for a way to get more content out of Noita or some simple quality of life changes, mods are the way to go. I’ve compiled a list of great and popular mods below that are worth taking a look at. Certain ones make the game easier, add spells, add stat trackers, classes, and more. That’s just a small part of what makes modding exciting because of how creators in the community contribute awesome content.

Before you take a look at our Best 15 Noita mods below, make sure you know how to install and enable mods too. We have a short guide here that explains the process.

15 – Selectable Classes

Selectable Classes Mod

Selectable Classes adds starting loadouts to Noita for players looking for a new experience. There are currently nine classes with one for playing Noita the normal way. This makes it easy to mix it up when you’re not sure if you want to play with a unique starting loadout or the default way. Some classes include:

  • Pyromancer
  • Cryomancer
  • Tesla
  • Mutant

Download Selectable classes here.

14 – Quality of Life

Noita Quality of Life Mod

This is a normal screenshot not representing the Quality of Life mod.

The Quality of Life mod focuses on small changes to polish Noita in a variety of ways. Mod creator Pixelstorm added changes like strengthening the Worm Crystal and adding music to a boss fight that doesn’t have any. These minimal changes are designed to balance Noita in some areas and deal with common player issues. Another great change is closing the exit to Holy Mountain until you leave so enemies can’t crawl in.

The Quality of Life mod requires another mod to work, Ommel. The download links for both are below.

Download Quality of Life here.

Download Ommel here.

13 – Noita Enhanced

Noita Enhanced Mod

This is a normal screenshot not representing the Noita Enhanced mod.

Noita Enhanced includes a large number of mods that add more content to the game. These mods are included together but some are activated separately. Examples of new content include new items, spells, perks, and more. A few of the new perks are listed below:

  • Lava Transmutation: You convert nearby lava to alcohol.
  • Burning Afterimage: You leave a trail of magical flames wherever you go.
  • Perks For Sale: Perks are sometimes available for purchase in shops.

Download Noita Enhanced here.

12 – Health Containers

Health Containers Mod

Health Containers is a simple Noita mod that adds small containers that give health when picked up. Enemies have a small chance on death to drop health pickups. However, players can change the drop chance and heal amount. By default, they give a small amount of health.

Download Health Containers here.

11 – Anvil of Destiny

Anvil of Destiny Mod

Anvil of Destiny is a unique mod where players can combine wands to create stronger ones. If you throw two wands onto the Anvil of Destiny, it will spit out an upgraded wand with better stats. Also, tablets are combinable with wands for different results. It’s worth noting, some people commented that the anvils are too common.

Download Anvil of Destiny here.

10 – Spellbound Bundle

Spellbound Bundle Mod

This is a normal screenshot not representing the Spellbound Bundle mod.

The Spellbound Bundle mod adds a large number of new spells and unused ones back into Noita according to the creator. Mod creator Evaisa also developed the Risk of Items mod further down in this list. If you come across any cool spells from the Spellbound Bundle, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Download Spellbound Bundle here.

9 – No-Hit Mode

No-Hit Mod

This is a normal screenshot not representing the No-Hit Mode.

No-Hit Mode is a mod that will probably make you frustrated more than anything. But, let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be playing roguelike games if we didn’t like a challenge. Whether you’re looking to beat Noita or see how far you can get, No-Hit Mode is all about not getting hit. If you get hit once, you’re dead.

No-Hit Mode seems to be locked behind beating Noita first. Similar to how Nightmare Mode is locked until you beat the game.

Download No-Hit Mode here.

8 – Lukki – Spiderwalk

Lukki - Spiderwalk Mod

If you’ve ever used the Lukki Mutation in Noita, you know it prevents flying unless you’re close to a wall. Mod creator Lemonhead wasn’t a huge fan and completely overhauled the perk to make it a little more interesting. Lukki – Spiderwalk removes flight completely and focuses on quick movement by running along walls and ceilings.

Download Lukki – Spiderwalk here.

7 – No Worm Destruction

No Worm Destruction Mod

No more angering the gods and having problems like this.

No Worm Destruction is a quality of life change for those that are frustrated by angering the gods issues in Holy Mountain. It removes damage to the world by worms and creepy spiders later in the game. The mod page says it hasn’t been tested on the stable version, but I tested it and it works fine.

Download No Worm Destruction here.

6 – Goki’s Things

Goki's Things Mod

Goki’s Things is another large batch of content for Noita in a variety of ways. Mod creator yatboim added over 30 new spells, 19 perks, some quality of life changes, and more. One of the features that stands out the most is Champion enemies. When enabled, enemies have a chance to take on a Champion form with special traits. This can be invisibility, teleportation, armor, etc. Overall, Goki’s Things is another mod loaded with content.

Download Goki’s Things here.

5 – Passive Regeneration + Perk & Respawn

Passive Regeneration + Perks & Respawn Mod

Update 3/7/2020: This mod no longer exists. However, there is a Passive Regeneration mod to heal some of your health here.


This mod is a nice way to make your experience easier if you’re struggling with the difficulty of Noita. Hence the name, it adds a weak passive health regeneration, a perk to increase that, and respawns. Depending on what you want, the mod is extremely customizable. The settings also have an area to change the Glass Cannon perk limits on health.

4 – Respawn

Respawn Mod

The Respawn mod from Xorberax is a simple way to remove the permadeath mechanic of Noita. While roguelikes are focused around permadeath, they can still be a frustrating mechanic that makes them less accessible. Respawn mods like this and the one above are a way to solve that even if temporarily. On death, players respawn back at the starting location with their progress still.

I included this mod with the one above for those that only want respawns.

Download the Respawn mod here.

3 – Risk of Items

Risk of Items Mod

This is a normal screenshot not representing the Risk of Items mod.

Risk of Items is a neat mod inspired by Risk of Rain that adds new content to Noita. Whether you’re a fan of Risk of Rain or just want more content, Risk of Items adds new perks and modifiers inspired by items in Risk of rain. Currently, up to 16 items have been added. One example is the Ceremonial Dagger perk that sends homing daggers to nearby enemies when an enemy is killed. Mod creator Evaisa also made the Spellbound Bundle in this list.

Download Risk of Items here.

2 – Modified Gold Timer

Modified Gold Timer Mod

The Modified Gold Timer from mod creator InvidiaHD changes or removes the gold disappearing timer. The link below features three files with one disabling the timer, another multiplying it by 5x, and another by 10x. Sometimes it’s not easy to grab gold submerged in toxic sludge, or during a firefight. This is a way to combat that and still get your money.

Download Modified Gold Timer here.

1 – Cheatgui or Clockwork

Clockwork Mod

If you’re looking to cheat or test some buildings, Cheatgui and Clockwork are two mods worth your time. Cheatgui is a popular mod people frequently search for since it has features like wand building, spawning perks, teleportation, stat trackers, and more. Whether you want to track your time or spawn an overpowered wand, Cheatgui has you covered.

Clockwork has a few features that Cheatgui doesn’t have, however. First, Clockwork can spawn creatures, enable noclip, infinite flight time, teleporting to major locations, etc. One of the major reasons I see someone installing Clockwork over Cheatgui is it doesn’t require invasive permissions.

Download Cheatgui here.

Download Clockwork here.

If you have any mod recommendations, be sure to comment below with them! Also, if you run into any problems with the above mods, let us know so we can look into it.

If you’re looking for tips, be sure to take a look at our Noita Perk Tier List.

Noita is available on PC via Humble Bundle and Steam Early Access as of September 24, 2019. The developer hasn’t confirmed any plans for consoles at the time of this publication.

Disclaimer: Certain links in this article may contain affiliate links where purchases may provide a small commission to Slyther Games. Our affiliate policy is here.