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Noita – How to Beat the Final Boss

Noita Final Boss

Looking for some tips on the final boss fight in Noita? I recorded my first experience for others to understand how the fight plays out. Depending on how strong the spells you have for the fight are, it may be easy or a struggle.

I originally jumped into this Noita run to take a few screenshots for other guides. This is part of why I got the Boomerang Spells perk which makes all spells curve back to me. I didn’t expect to get far in this seed and decided to try it out. However, I quickly realized the Boomerang Spells perk was working against me and making it difficult to land hits.

Despite this perk hurting me, it gave me higher projectile resistance for the one time the final boss hit me. The perk I recommend most to make the fight easy is the Projectile Repulsion Field. It reflects any projectiles that come close to you aside from ones that come in too quick.

Coincidentally, the Boomerang Spells perk offset the negative resistance to projectiles on the Projectile Repulsion Field perk. My main spell for killing the final boss was explosive and my Explosion Immunity perk saved me there too.

Nevertheless, the final boss fight from start to finish is available below. I recommend watching it to understand the different attacks they have.

Noita Final Boss Fight Gameplay

If you’re hunting every boss in Noita, take a look at our list here. There are also a few mini-bosses on the list worth going after!

Secret Collectible Orbs in Noita

While I haven’t tested it, people in both the Noita Discord and subreddit pointed out collected orbs increasing the max health of the final boss. There are at least 13 different orbs hidden around Noita thus far.

If you have any tips, feel free to share them in the comments below. There are all different types of spells and perk combos to make the final boss that much simpler.

Onto Nightmare Mode

Beating the final boss in Noita unlocks the tougher Nightmare mode added in the seventh update. See if you’re up to the challenge.

I hope this video helps make your life in Noita easier. If you need help with something specific, be sure to comment below and I’ll do my best to help.

Noita is available on PC via Humble Bundle and Steam Early Access as of September 24, 2019. The developer hasn’t confirmed any plans for consoles at the time of this publication.

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