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The Apex Legends season 9 update introduced a completely new mode called Arenas. Instead of the usual battle royale experience, two teams of three compete in custom maps with a twist. Similar to games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Valorant, players purchase their weapons and abilities at the start.

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Apex Legends is one of many battle royale games where nobody wants to be the jumpmaster. And if you’re someone who enjoys that role, consider me surprised that you’re here. Fortunately, there’s a trick regarding how to not be jumpmaster. Continue reading our guide below for two different methods to skipping this role.

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The latest bug to hit Apex Legends is a silly one that players in the community are having fun with. Instead of being an issue like Wattson’s fences not working, it’s simply about moving while using emotes. This has led to a bunch of ridiculous animations of characters jumping around emoting. Continue reading our guide …

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Apex Legends is a popular free to play battle royale that can be tough to get the hang of when you’re first starting. Despite being limited to six free characters known as legends, they’re not all great for newcomers. This is why I’ve put together this guide on the best beginner characters for Apex Legends.

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If you’re playing Apex Legends and wondering which character has the smallest hitbox, this quick guide covers that. First, it’s important to know what a hitbox is for those that don’t. Simply put, a character’s hitbox is every part of their model that can be hit. Depending on the model Respawn Entertainment has designed, many …

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