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Dave the Diver – Tsuchi’s Sea Turtle Name

Dave the Diver - What is the Sea Turtle's Name

If you’ve made decent progress into Dave the Diver and earned the trust of the Sea People Village, chances are you’ve met a certain sea turtle. This isn’t one that you can catch or randomly find out and about at first. However, there is a quest you can get from Mima’s Restaurant about tracking down the seaweed collector, Tsuchi.

This leads to finding Tsuchi and helping out with calming down his sea turtle. After completing this mission, “Finding The Seaweed Collector”, you may eventually run into them again. But instead of them being inside their home, you can find them among the Blue Hole Depths around 230 meters. At this point, you’ll have to try and remember this sea turtle’s name.

What is the Sea Turtle Name in Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver - Finding Tsuchi Harvesting Seaweed

Don’t worry if you forgot Tsuchi’s pet turtle’s name, you’re not the only one!

When you randomly encounter Tsuchi harvesting seaweed, Dave will remember his name but not the leatherback sea turtles’. This leads to four different name choices where the only correct one is Dona. I haven’t tested what happens if you click the wrong name, but I’d like to imagine the game isn’t too mean about it. Regardless, here are each of the four name choices:

  • Leo
  • Dona
  • Raffie
  • Mike

Dave the Diver - Sea Turtle Name Choices

Funnily enough, after picking the correct name, nothing really happens. It’s not as if Dave suddenly calls out to Dona and says hello. Instead, we get an opportunity to take a picture. But, you’ll need to take a picture of Dona without Tsuchi in it. Alongside an optional goal of catching them mid-feeding time.

This optional goal can be a little annoying since you’ll need to wait for Tsuchi to throw some seaweed over. Then, the tough part comes in trying to take a picture when the “Feeding Time” condition is met. First, I tried taking a picture when Tsuchi threw the food to Dona but it didn’t work.

Dave the Diver - Sea Turtle Feeding Time Optional Goal

Meeting all the conditions for a perfect photo in Dave the Diver can be tough sometimes.

Unfortunately, this means you’ll need to get the timing just perfect while Dona is eating the seaweed. But, even still, I’ve noticed the timing is a bit precise so it may not succeed. At least you can wait a little bit for Tuschi to throw more seaweed and try again. Or if you don’t care about the optional goal, you can skip it altogether.

With that said, that’s all there is to this quick guide on what the sea turtle’s name is in Dave the Diver. It’s easy to forget especially if you’re taking your time and not rushing through the game. And even if you are in a rush, the sea turtle’s name is probably the last thing you’ll remember.