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Diablo 4 – What to Do After Campaign

Diablo 4 - What to Do After Campaign

Deciding what to do after beating the campaign in Diablo 4 doesn’t need to be confusing. Once you’ve finished the final story quest, the endgame starts to open up. And then you can grind all sorts of legendaries to create the best build for your class.

Shortly after beating the campaign, the game starts to guide you toward new content available. This includes stuff like the Whispers of the Dead, unlocking new World Tiers, and even chasing after world bosses. Continue reading our guide below for a list of the many different things you can do.

What to Do After the Campaign in Diablo 4

Collect Grim Favors For Better Gear

Diablo 4 - Collecting Grim Favors For Loot

Completing Grim Favors inside Helltides are a decent combo for leveling and loot.

One of the first Priority Quests you’ll get after completing the campaign is Whispers of the Dead. This sends you to the Tree of Whispers where you can get rewards for completing new events. These are called Whispers that can appear randomly all over Sanctuary.

Whispers can be anything from grinding a set number of enemies in an area to completing a dungeon. Each one provides Grim Favors that you can eventually turn in at the Tree of Whispers. For every 10 Grim Favors you get, you can pick one of three gear categories to get legendaries.

Complete Side Quests

Diablo 4 - Side Quest in Kyovashad

Get all the renown you can for each region to get useful rewards.

Depending on how quickly you’ve made it through the Diablo 4 campaign, you may still have plenty of side quests to complete. You can work through them for small rewards or little bits of lore to fill out your world. Just keep an eye out for the blue exclamation points around your world map.

With that said, you can also get side quests by grinding enemies or finding a journal on the ground. So make sure you explore Sanctuary if there’s a side quest you’re struggling to find. Especially when you’re relying on an item drop. Aside from that, you can also complete them for renown to get other rewards.

Collect Every Altar of Lilith

Diablo 4 - Finding Altar of Lilith Statues

It’s worth unlocking your mount before walking to each Altar of Lilith on foot.

If you’re a collector and love to gather up every collectible in games, this is where the Altars of Lilith come in. Chances are likely you’ll need to pull up a map if you don’t mind cheating to find them. This is because they’re all over Sanctuary and often hidden off the beaten path.

While they aren’t all difficult to find, you will occasionally see one practically impossible to see based on the camera. Such as being tucked behind a building wall. But, they at least have a red glow to them. Regardless, you’ll get little buffs that apply to your entire account. For example, attribute/stat boosts, expanding your Obols capacity, and even paragon points.

Unlock New World Tiers

Diablo 4 - How to Unlock World Tiers

Visit the World Tier statue in Kyovashad or check the character menu to change your World Tier.

Once you’ve completed the campaign you can start unlocking tougher World Tiers. In doing so, you’ll find more difficult enemies, get more experience, and even unlock new gear that didn’t exist before. That includes unique items, more legendaries, sacred gear, and more.

While the first two world tiers are available by default, you’ll need to complete Capstone Dungeons to unlock the next two. In order to unlock World Tier 3, the game recommends being level 50 before taking it on. However, you can give it a go if you’re confident in your build and skill.

Fight World Bosses and Other Events

Diablo 4 - Fighting the World Boss Avarice

Participate in group events like fighting world bosses. You never know which one you’ll get!

World bosses are a fun way to challenge yourself and also get great loot. So if you’ve finished the campaign, you’ll occasionally see a notification on the map that an event is starting soon. This happens for both world bosses and other temporary events. The one annoying thing is that there doesn’t seem to be concrete info on spawn times. Even though there were in the betas.

So you’re stuck hoping a countdown timer appears while you’re not diving into a dungeon. Otherwise, you can also take part in Helltides which unlock after the campaign too. This is when a region suddenly becomes more difficult for an hour. You can farm mobs for the Aberrant Cinders currency to get rewards from chests in the area.

Grind Out Paragon Levels

Diablo 4 - Necromancer Paragon Tree Board

Continue improving your build with paragon points.

If you played a lot of Diablo 3, you’re probably familiar with paragon levels. Once you reach level 50 in Diablo 4, you’ll start to get four paragon levels per full level bar. This is because level 50 isn’t the max level, so you’re still on your way to 100.

Paragon levels are a way to continue improving your build by investing points into nodes and even Glyphs. Normal nodes can give minor buffs like +5 Intelligence, while Glyphs tend to get more complicated. Such as increasing damage to elites, increasing potion healing, and amplifying other nodes nearby.

Run Through Nightmare Dungeons

Diablo 4 - Nightmare Dungeon Affixes

This is one example of the modifiers in a Nightmare Dungeon on World Tier 3.

Before you can start running Nightmare Dungeons you’ll at least need to find a Nightmare Sigil after beating the campaign. So you may not have them available immediately, but once you get one, you tend to get more upon completing a Nightmare Dungeon. They add modifiers that can both help and hurt you while completing certain dungeons.

If you successfully complete one you’ll get rewards like items, Glyphs, more sigils, and a chance to upgrade your Glyphs. So you can make those socketed Glyphs on your paragon board even stronger. This is bound to be a popular endgame activity for Diablo 4 players.

Complete the Diablo 4 Battle Pass

Diablo 4 - Battle Pass Progression

Unlock rewards along the Diablo 4 battle pass regardless of whether it’s free or premium.

For those of you that played Diablo 4 at release, the battle pass isn’t available quite yet. This may change before we get the chance to update this guide. However, Blizzard previously stated in a May 2023 blog post that their goal is for the first season to be in, “mid to late July”.

So if you’re playing Diablo 4 and haven’t completed the battle pass yet (when it’s available), you can definitely work through that. Depending on how the progression is, you may complete it on your first run through the campaign for all we know.

Diablo 4 - Waypoint in Kyovashad

That’s all there is to this Diablo 4 guide on what to do after the campaign. These are purely suggestions and ideas for where to start. You can definitely find other content to pursue as well. Especially if you get a friend to try the game and want to help them through early content too.


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