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Diablo 4 – How to Get Mount

Diablo 4 - How to Get Mount Guide

Running around in Diablo 4 can get exhausting leading many of us to wonder how to get a mount. Especially as you reach the later acts which can have significant distances between main quests. This is why it’s worth learning how to get that horse and if there’s a required level to get one.

The one disappointing thing about getting a mount in Diablo 4 is that it can take a while. Regardless of which edition you buy or how far you made it in the beta, you’re going to have to put in some time. This is because it’s a “Priority Quest” late into the main story.

How to Get a Mount in Diablo 4

Where to Get the Mount: Donan’s Favor Quest

Diablo 4 - Where is Mount Donan's Favor Quest

Talking to a Stable Master before completing a certain quest won’t let you ride a horse quite yet.

Blizzard teases you early on in the Act 1 questline when Lorath brings you to the Kyovashad Stable Master. You’d think this would be your opportunity to get a horse or perhaps even use one you already own. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just spending some gold and hopping on your mount.

While you can interact with the Stable Master in Kyovashad or any other major town, you’ll likely notice it says you need to progress the campaign. Also, it mentions needing to complete the Priority Quest, “Mount: Donan’s Favor”. Even though you’ll meet Donan as early as Act 2, you’re still not quite there.

Diablo 4 - Starting Mount Donan's Favor Quest

Waiting until you get your first horse can be a smart move if you’re hunting down Lilith Altars.

Instead, you’ll have to put several hours into the main story and reach as far as Act 4. Fortunately, you only need to complete the first quest in Act 4 to unlock the Mount: Donan’s Favor quest. This quest is called, “A Master’s Touch” in which you’ll need to meet Donan in Kyovashad.

After speaking with Donan briefly, he’ll tell you to hold on and send you to the local Stable Master. At which point, you’ll get the Mount: Donan’s favor Quest and can make your way over. Oskar the Stable Master is happy to help out and gives you a horse for free.

Diablo 4 - How to Get First Horse

Even though all Diablo 4 mounts seem to be the same aside from their appearance, you can buy other horses with gold. It’s also possible to get a few different mounts and armors you can equip depending on which edition you bought.

  • Pre-ordering any edition will provide the Light-Bearer Mount and Caparison of Faith Mount Armor.
  • Purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition provides the Temptation Mount and Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor.
  • The Ultimate Edition doesn’t provide any unique mounts or mount armors, however.

How to Use a Mount in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 - Deluxe Edition Horse and Armor

There are a couple of mounts and armors you can buy using in-game gold or real money in the shop.

If you’re unsure of how to ride your horse once you have one, this section is for you. It’s easy to forget or perhaps you accidentally skipped a tooltip explaining how mounts work. For those of you playing Diablo 4 on PC, you can simply press the Z button to call your mount.

As long as you’re not in an area where you can’t ride a horse, you’ll immediately then hop onto it. Certain areas like instanced dungeons or buildings inside towns will prevent you from riding around. Otherwise, the only other reason you won’t be able to ride your horse is if it’s on cooldown. You can’t hop off and then back on right away.

Diablo 4 - Horse Skills Explained

Did you know you can still interact with plants and ore veins while using a mount?

Don’t forget that you can also press spacebar on PC to use the Spur horse skill. This will make you move significantly quicker for traveling farther distances. Even though you won’t be able to use it in towns. Also, you’ll have access to a combat skill for hopping off your horse and dealing damage. The skill varies depending on your class.

Aside from that, there’s only one other skill on your hotbar while mounted which is for dismounting. PC players can right-click to get off their horse or press the same button they used to get on. In this case, Z being the default button.

How Does Fear Work For Horses

Diablo 4 - Why Am I Getting Knocked Off My Horse

Getting knocked off your horse will trigger a 30-second cooldown before you can call it again.

Before ending this Diablo 4 guide on how to get a mount, it’s worth briefly discussing the fear mechanic. If you’re around too many enemies while riding a horse, your fear bar can fill up. Once the bar is completely full, you’ll get knocked off your horse by those enemies.

Don’t worry about losing your horse since it can’t die. You’ll just have to wait a moment if you have a cooldown before getting back on it to ride away. Depending on your situation, you may just want to deal with those enemies anyway.

Diablo 4 - Riding a Mount Near Enemies

As long as you don’t get stuck or stay near enemies for too long, you can usually ride past them.

Regardless, the nice thing about unlocking a mount in Diablo 4 is that you only need to do it once for your account. So you won’t need to grind all the way back to Act 4 if you want to start a new character. This makes it easier for getting around whether you choose to skip the story or not.


Sunday 11th of June 2023

I just got the mount, it's pretty easy. I just completed Act 3 and did the first 2 quest of Act 4. It's kinda hard to miss, because the game mentions mounts just before you get the sub quest.