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Diablo 4 – Where to Spend Obols

Diablo 4 - Where to Spend Obols

Diablo 4 has a new currency that may have you confused if you’re not quite sure where to spend Obols. This purple coin is also labeled Murmuring Obols when it drops on the floor. For those of you familiar with Diablo 3, this currency is similar to Blood Shards in the way you spend it.

The same way you can use Blood Shards in the previous game’s Adventure Mode, you can use Obols to buy new gear. However, you’re playing the odds to see whether you get a boring low-rarity item or a legendary one instead.

Diablo 4 - Random Event Location on Map

Sometimes you can find Random Events by looking for large open areas like this screenshot. However, they can appear in busy areas too.

Before we can dive into where to spend them, it’s important to understand how to get Obols as well. Fortunately, it’s relatively simple since all you need to do is find random events spread throughout Diablo 4. These are often in the same spot and represented by a large orange ring on the map.

They’re small events that you can participate in with other players even if you’re not in the same party. This feature is a bit closer to something like dynamic events that you often see in MMORPGs. For example, the last event I completed gave me 35 Obols, some gear, gems, and crafting materials.

Diablo 4 - Ancient Obelisk Random Event Screenshot

The Ancient Obelisk Random Event is one of many that you can grind for loot and experience. You’ll also get an extra 5% experience from mobs while other players are nearby.

I’ve noticed that you can even wait in the same area for several minutes or return to see the random event starting again. This can work well if you’re trying to farm the new Diablo 4 currency as well as get some experience. The rewards are comparable to completing side quests.

Where to Spend Obols in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 - Purveyor of Curiosities in Kyovashad

While other Diablo 4 acts and towns will likely have a Purveyor of Curiosities, Lizveth is the one for Kyovashad.

Once you have a stash of Obols ready to spend, make your way over to a major city like Kyovashad. While it isn’t impossible you’ll get Obols before reaching Kyovashad, you probably won’t get many. Regardless, you’ll want to look for the Purveyor of Curiosities merchant.

The Purveyor of Curiosities merchant icon on the map is a bag of money with a question mark on it. This can be easy to miss or shrug off as any boring merchant you can sell gear to. But, this is the only type that you can currently spend Obols at.

Diablo 4 - Buying Items With Obols

I like to spend my Obols on items that I don’t have an equipped legendary for yet. With that said, if you’re trying to get a certain item, this is one way to play the RNG.

As we previously mentioned, similar to Blood Shards at Kadala in Diablo 3, you never know what you’re going to get. So make sure you’re ready to lose those Obols because you might just get a bunch of garbage. But, it’s worth playing the odds for the chance at getting a nice new legendary. I can’t say for sure whether unique items are included in the roll or not.

The only item that you can purchase from the Purveyor of Curiosities merchant and definitely get is the Whispering Key. This is another common question Diablo 4 players likely have about how to open Silent Chests. You’ll need to spend 20 Obols to buy a Whispering Key. Otherwise, here are the prices for each item below:

  • Sword – 50
  • Dagger – 50
  • Bow – 75
  • Crossbow – 75
  • Cap – 40
  • Tunic – 40
  • Gloves – 25
  • Boots – 25
  • Pants – 40
  • Ring – 40
  • Amulet – 60
  • Whispering Key – 20
Diablo 4 - Obol Item Level Requirements

The same way you never know what rarity you’re going to get, you also don’t know what item level it will be.

A useful tip to know about Murmuring Obols in Diablo 4 is that they’re account-wide. Similar to other currencies like gold and we can assume Red Dust, your currency is shared across characters. This can be both a good and bad thing depending on how you look at it. For example, you may be tempted to spend it all on one character. Or you can look at it as farming on one character for another.

Also, when purchasing an item with Obols you may notice that the level requirement can be lower than your level. In my case, items at the merchant say they require being level 9 even though I’m at 25. However, after spending some Obols, I’ve gotten items around level 12 and 15. While still not close to 25, we can confirm that it’s not the level 9 shown.

Diablo 4 - Altar of Lilith Dexterity Buff

Altar of Lilith statues spread throughout Diablo 4 are worth tracking down for permanent buffs to your character.

With that said, I have one final tip to leave you with before ending this Diablo 4 guide! You may not realize it immediately, but there is a maximum limit for Obols. Therefore, you’ll want to spend some every now and then so you don’t miss out on some when completing events. But, you can increase that limit a tiny bit with certain Altars of Lilith.

Otherwise, that’s all there is to this in-depth guide on where to spend Obols in Diablo 4. While the answer can be simple, there is a lot to know about this new currency. And I always love to share as much information as I learn to make it easier for other players.