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Getting your first few legendary items in Diablo 4 is always exciting. Especially when it’s for a skill that you’re currently using. But what do you do once you’re getting legendaries nonstop and no longer have anywhere to put them? We’re here to answer what to do with legendaries as you get deep into Diablo …

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Deciding where to invest skill and paragon points in Diablo 4 can be stressful when they feel permanent. Especially since we already know how the gold costs can add up quickly for resetting skill points. And if you’re someone who likes to experiment with different builds, learning how resetting works is important.

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Diablo 4 players reaching endgame have likely noticed how slow it can be leveling your character. Especially if you’re not someone who loves to grind endlessly. In spite of the hardcore race to level 100, plenty of softcore players are trying to game the system for quicker leveling. This was the main reason players flocked …

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