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MultiVersus – What Are Premium Tokens

MultiVersus - What Are Premium Tokens

The fighting game MultiVersus has a couple of different currencies and token types that can make it confusing at first. Such as what are Premium Tokens especially when they’re referred to differently depending on where you look. While there isn’t a definition anywhere in-game for how they’re used, our guide will quickly cover it.

For whatever reason, some of the phrasing on the MultiVersus site and in-game tends to vary. I first noticed this with Character Tickets also being called Character Tokens in different areas. This can easily add to the confusion. Which is part of why I threw together a guide on How to Unlock Characters.

What Are Premium Tokens in MultiVersus

MultiVersus - Battle Pass Premium Tokens

Chances are likely you first noticed them near the top right corner of the Battle Pass page. Keep reading to learn how to get Premium Tokens.

Players can get Premium Tokens also known as Battle Pass Tokens from two of the three Founder Packs currently available. For example, if you buy the Deluxe Founder’s Pack, you’ll get one. While if you purchase the Premium Founder’s Pack, you’ll get three. As goes with many free to play live service games, MultiVersus has a Battle Pass that you can get rewards from.

It’s up to you whether or not you spend real money to unlock the premium rewards or just play for the free ones. Part of the confusion around how Premium Tokens work has to do with the Preseason Battle Pass. Developer Player First Games designed the first Battle Pass to be a mini version of what’s to come.

MultiVersus - Battle Pass Tokens Founder Pack

One of the many MultiVersus pages featuring the founder packs shows slightly different wording.

Taking place from July 19 to August 8, this mini pass can only be purchased with the real money currency, Gleamium. While future Battle Passes that have a full 50 levels will instead have a Gleamium and Premium Token option. You may have noticed these tokens when looking at the Battle Pass page.

Things are a bit more clear when you realize they’re the same as the Battle Pass Tokens labeled as such on the Founder’s Pack page. It’s impossible to 100% say how they’ll work since they aren’t usable yet. But, one can assume you’ll be able to buy one full season Battle Pass with a token.

MultiVersus - The Preseason Battle Pass Price

The Preseason Pass is more of a test run than anything. Which makes one wonder if season 1 starts when it ends.

Even though the Preseason Pass costs 300 Gleamium, it’s likely to increase with the Season 1 pass. The reduced cost is due to this one only having 15 levels for players to unlock. Part of why the developer isn’t allowing players to use their Premium Tokens on this pass is likely due to that value difference.

The last thing you’d want to do is lose a token to a 15-level pass when you could use it on a 50-level pass instead. What I’m curious about is if players will still be able to get Premium Tokens when the founder packs are removed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the developer replaces each founder pack with different rewards and calls it something different.

MultiVersus - Collection Page of Characters

While Premium Tokens won’t get you characters, you can unlock skins and emotes as premium Battle Pass rewards.

This would be a good way for them to still make money without relying completely on Gleamium microtransactions. Especially for players that would prefer to get a quick start and not deal with the nuisance that can be real money currencies. As I explained in my other guide, real money currencies can be frustrating to manage depending on how characters and skins are priced.

With all that said, one good thing about the Standard Founder’s Pack is it gives you enough Gleamium to buy the Preseason Battle Pass. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend more money on Gleamium to unlock pretty much anything else. Unless the developer adds cheaper microtransactions when the store launches. Characters are 700 Gleamium, while skins vary from 800 to 1,500.

MultiVersus - Luau Velma Gleamium Price

Character skins can get quite pricey in MultiVersus. This skin is technically $15, but with the Gleamium deals you’d need to spend at least $20.

That’s all there is to this guide on what are Premium Tokens in MultiVersus. Make sure to check out more useful guides from us recommended below. We’re ramping up our coverage of this fighting game to try and help out the community. My guide on unlocking characters lists every way to get gold near the bottom as well.