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MultiVersus – How to Unlock Characters

MultiVersus - How to Unlock Characters

If you’re new to the fighting game MultiVersus, you’re probably wondering how to unlock characters. Whether you’ve seen a character in a video that you want to try or maybe just have nostalgia for one. This guide answers how to unlock new characters, the free rotation, and how to get gold too.

If you’re playing MultiVersus for the first time, you’ll have at least four characters available from the start. This is part of the free rotation that the developer changes every so often. For example, when open beta started the four temporarily available characters were Finn, Garnet, Superman, and Reindog. This gives everyone a chance to try different roles and playstyles.

Before diving into this guide, it’s worth pointing out that it doesn’t seem you can buy characters that are part of the free cycle. From what I can tell, you’ll need to wait until they’re no longer free to buy them. Regardless of whether you try buying them from the character select or collection screen.

How to Unlock Characters in MultiVersus

Unlocking the First Free Character

MultiVersus - How to Get Wonder Woman Free

Don’t skip the basic tutorial because it will give you a character as well as teach the basics.

The first character players unlocked in MultiVersus was originally Wonder Woman via the first basic tutorial. However, if you start playing after the Season 1.03 patch, you’ll unlock Shaggy for free now instead. This is because the developer replaced the Wonder Woman tutorial with Shaggy.

After getting him, you have a few options for unlocking more characters in MultiVersus. It all depends on whether or not you want to spend money or grind gold to get them instead. Continue reading below to learn how each method works.

Spending Real Money to Get Character Tokens

MultiVersus - How to Buy Founder's Pack

MultiVersus released with 17 characters meaning the Standard Founder’s Pack will almost give you enough to get each one. Since it only has 15 Character Tickets/Tokens, you’ll need to get the other two. Unless you already have Wonder Woman or Shaggy.

If you don’t mind spending money, you can try purchasing one of the founder packs to get character tokens (not Premium Tokens). Alongside other rewards like exclusive banners and premium currency, you can use character tokens to unlock characters. With that said, it’s important to mention that the MultiVersus founder packs won’t be available forever.

The FAQ doesn’t say anything about how long they’ll be around, but in-game it does state, “Offer available for a limited time.” Since the open beta is essentially the official release of MultiVersus, it could happen at any point really. But, I imagine the developer will want to keep them around long enough to get some money. Here’s a quick rundown of each founder pack:

  • Standard Pack ($39.99) – 15 Character Tokens, 1 Exclusive Banner, 300 Gleamium
  • Deluxe Pack ($59.99) – 20 Character Tokens, 1 Exclusive Banner, 1 Premium Battle Bass, 1 Banner,  Ring Out Effect, 1,000 Gleamium
  • Premium Pack ($99.99) – 30 Character Tokens, 1 Exclusive Banner, 3 Premium Battle Passes, 1 Banner, 1 Ring Out Effect, 1 Unique Nameplate, 2,500 Gleamium

The next section covers using the premium currency in MultiVersus. If/when the founder packs are removed, this will be the only way to get characters with real money. Assuming they don’t introduce new bundles or packs.

Using Gleamium to Buy Characters

MultiVersus - Buying a Character With Gleamium

If you want to immediately buy a character with real money, you can grab some premium currency.

Players can get the premium currency of Gleamium from founder packs or by purchasing it directly. As mentioned in the previous section, each founder pack gives more as you get into the more expensive packs. However, players can buy it directly in-game at varying prices.

Unfortunately, as goes with many free to play games that have microtransactions, the currency is priced to encourage you to spend more. Tricks like these typically make it so you can buy a certain amount but it’s not enough to get what you want. Or it gives you enough with a little bit leftover that isn’t enough for something else.

MultiVersus - Gleamium Prices Microtransactions

Despite the gold cost varying for different characters, the Gleamium price seems to be steady at 700.

If you’re interested in buying characters with Gleamium, here are the current prices in the screenshot above and the text below. Also, it’s worth mentioning that you can use this currency to buy other stuff too like skins, emotes, and special ring outs.

  • $4.99 – 450 Gleamium
  • $9.99 – 1,000 Gleamium
  • $19.99 – 2,200 Gleamium
  • $49.99 – 6,000 Gleamium

How to Get Gold to Unlock Characters

MultiVersus - Leveling Up Battle Pass For Gold

The first MultiVersus Battle Pass only had 15 level rewards to get. This includes the two gold rewards of 250 each.

The main way most of us will unlock characters in MultiVersus is likely by spending gold. As of right now, there isn’t a way to buy gold with real money, but there isn’t really a reason to. You can get it many different ways that all include playing the game. Here’s every way to get gold as well as some of the best:

  • Your first daily win is supposed to give 200 gold, but it currently gives 100. This bug has been reported.
  • Playing in a party gives you +30% gold and experience per match.
  • Getting toasts from other players gives 20 gold each.
  • Account level rewards can give gold.
  • Battle Pass rewards can give gold.
  • Reaching level 5 on a character gives 100 gold.
MultiVersus - Best Ways to Get Gold

The best way to get gold in MultiVersus is easily the first daily win and playing in a party. If you want gold fast, work through the early character levels.

As far as I know, this is every way to get gold in MultiVersus. Make sure you complete your daily missions and seasonal milestones on the Battle Pass page as well. While they won’t directly give gold, it will make you get through the Battle Pass quicker. And this can lead to gold rewards alongside other fun stuff.

That’s all there is to this MultiVersus guide on how to unlock characters. Definitely take advantage of playing in a party with others if you’re doing 2v2s for that extra 30%. With that said, it’s important to point out that you can complete your missions against bots as well.