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MultiVersus – How to See MMR

MultiVersus - How to See MMR

If you’ve been playing a lot of the fighting game MultiVersus and wondering how to see MMR, this guide is for you. For those that don’t already know, MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating. This is a common system in competitive games to help matchmake players with similar skill levels.

With that said, many game developers tend to keep the specifics of how it works secret. In many cases, not even showing what your MMR is so you can’t quite figure it out easily. While we can only assume what impacts your rating in MultiVersus, there is a way to check it, fortunately.

How to See MMR in MultiVersus

MultiVersus - How to Check MMR Ranking

You’ll need to either be at this main menu screen or the next one before entering a match.

Even though this fighting game hit open beta without the Ranked tab/mode available, you can still work on your MMR. It’s likely that your rating changes based on how well you play and how often you win. For example, including stats like how much damage you deal, how many knockouts you get, or how many times you get knocked out. Even though it’s possible and likely it goes deeper.

Regardless, if you want to see your MMR you’ll need to work your way over to the Career page. While it’s likely similar across every platform, if you’re on PC, you can click your profile picture at the top left corner. This will show your username, career stats, match history, and some other neat information.

MultiVersus - Career Stats Page

The Career page shows several stats like your overall rank in each mode as well as several previous matches. You can even go a step further and click on a character on the collection page to see your rank as them.

Once you’re on the Career page, all you need to do is click on the Leaderboards button to open a list of rankings for both modes. Right now this only includes Teams and 1 vs 1, but this may change when ranked modes are added. It’s possible the developer could add a tab for the free for all mode as well.

At this point you’ll notice it’s only showing the top 30 players and unless you’re really good at MultiVersus, you won’t be there. I know I’m not that good by a longshot! Fortunately, you can scroll down to the bottom of the top 30 where it’ll show your rank and MMR. If you have friends added specifically in MultiVersus, you may see their ranking here as well.

MultiVersus - Leaderboard Rankings MMR

Compare your ranking with your friends if you’re the competitive type.

I’m not positive offhand if it shows multiple friends even though I have one visible when checking. The Leaderboards also show a character next to your ranking. I can’t say for sure whether this represents the character you pick most or most recently. Since the Career page frequently updates based on recent stats. I’m leaning more toward the character picked most in that mode.

For those unsure of how to check Teams or 1 vs 1 on the Leaderboards screen, you just have to change the tab at the top. If you’re playing on PC you can click the tab or press Q or E to swap. Otherwise, check for the button prompts if you’re on a console like Xbox or PlayStation, for example.

MultiVersus - Shaggy Charging Up Screenshot

Now all you need to do is charge up like Shaggy and climb the MMR Leaderboards!

Aside from seeing where your MMR is in MultiVersus, the Leaderboards can be a fun way to see what characters are popular at a higher level of play. While you shouldn’t judge it just by these rankings, it’s still neat to see. Especially when you notice one character working their way up the top 30.

That’s all there is to this quick MultiVersus guide on how to see MMR. Keep an eye out for more useful guides as we try to answer common questions players are asking. Be sure to comment below and let us know how you’re enjoying MultiVersus so far.