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V Rising – What is Stone Dust For

V Rising - What is Stone Dust For

Early into playing V Rising you’ll probably find yourself wondering what is Stone Dust for? Similar to Sawdust from a Sawmill, you’ll likely end up with a bunch of Stone Dust and not much use. This is because both are byproducts that you can’t immediately use until learning certain recipes.

With that said, each item does have its’ own benefits worth learning about. You’ll definitely get more use out of Sawdust as explained in our other guide. But, you can continue reading below for the two uses Stone Dust has. It’s possible the developer may add more later.

What is Stone Dust For in V Rising

V Rising - How to Get Stone Dust

Try not to get rid of your Stone Dust even if you need to make a separate Small Stash chest for it.

Early into playing V Rising you’ll come across the Grinder for refining Stone and other resources into useful items. Such as refining Stone into Stone Bricks so you can start building your own castle. Or grinding hundreds of Bones so you can get Grave Dust for other useful recipes to up your gear level.

Regardless, as you continue grinding Stone to build your castle, you’ll end up with a ton of Stone Dust in the process. Before you can even think about doing anything with this byproduct, you’ll need to make some progress in V Rising. As goes with most progress in this vampire survival game, you’ll need to defeat a certain V Blood Carrier.

The First Stone Dust Recipe in V Rising

V Rising - Stone Dust Whetstone Recipe

Defeating the level 27 Grayson the Armourer V Blood Carrier unlocks the Whetstone recipe. This makes it so you can start crafting Whetstones at the Furnace. As long as you have 1 Copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust for each one. This is why it’s important to not throw away your Stone Dust because you don’t want to have to grind for it later.

You’ll need Whetstones for a variety of recipes like the Merciless set of copper weapons since each one requires eight. But, you’ll also need Whetstones for the Minor Explosive Box which has a few uses. Chances are you’ll first need it to reach a certain V Blood Carrier. Even though you can use Explosive Boxes to blow up Massive Resource Veins as well.

The Second Stone Dust Recipe in V Rising

V Rising - Research Desk For New Technology

The Research Table is one of three research buildings to unlock new recipes in V Rising.

The second recipe you’ll need Stone Dust for isn’t quite as significant but maybe you’ll find a better use for it than me. Surprisingly, this recipe doesn’t require taking out any V Blood Carriers since you can unlock it via the Research Desk. While this may sound like a good thing, it can actually be a little annoying.

You’ll need to get lucky when discovering a random technology at the Research Desk or loot a book for this recipe. That means you’ll need to grind for 50 Paper every time you want to try and learn a new tech at the Research Desk. Fortunately, Sawdust can help you learn new recipes quicker. But you’ll have to make it a lot farther in V Rising first.

V Rising - Grave Paths Recipe

Getting lucky and unlocking the right recipe you need/want can be tough. So it may take a little bit bfore you get this one. Even though there are plenty of useful recipes to get instead.

This Stone Dust recipe is for Gravel Paths so you can take advantage of a 15% movement speed buff. Unfortunately, you can only place Gravel Paths within your territory/border so it tends to lose purpose. I feel like I’m more likely to try and take advantage of every square I have in my territory rather than waste a few dirt spots for a Gravel Path.

If you’re not sure where to find paths after researching them, you can check under Exterior -> Paths -> Gravel Garden Paving. This will show you the many different types you can place. For example, a straight path, a corner piece, or a crossroad among others. Make sure you don’t accidentally build Garden Cobblestone Paving paths instead. Since those use Stone Bricks instead of Stone Dust.

V Rising - Stone Dust Gravel Paths

Every path type provides 15% movement speed buff while walking on them. Despite this, it can be a waste of space if you don’t have an upgraded Castle Heart for more territory.

That’s all there is to this V Rising guide on what is Stone Dust for. If you come up with a good reason to build paths aside from aesthetically, be sure to let me know in the comments. Otherwise, Stone Dust is only really worth using to get Whetstones. Especially since you’ll continue to need them later for items like Scourgestones and Dark Silver Ingots.