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V Rising – What Does Sleeping Do

V Rising - What Does Sleeping Do

One of the first buildings you’ll place in V Rising is a coffin which may have you wondering what does sleeping do? This vampire survival game has a few different types of coffins even though two of them serve similar purposes. But, it’s still important to understand how all three work so you can take full advantage.

It’s worth mentioning that V Rising is in development so it’s always possible certain features may change. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens with coffins and sleeping since many players are confused about how it works. And often wondering if they’re even worth using.

What Does Sleeping Do in V Rising

V Rising - Sleeping in Coffins Tip

You’re more likely to benefit from sleeping if you’re playing on an active server with other players.

If you’re curious if there’s a way to pause in V Rising, unfortunately, there isn’t. Despite certain websites implying that sleeping in a coffin pauses the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on a multiplayer server with other people or playing solo. This mechanic doesn’t pause the game so you still need to keep that in mind.

With that said, there are some benefits to sleeping such as getting away from the sun. Since you play as a vampire, you’ll take a lot of damage if you stay out in the sun for too long. Even though you can get certain gear and blood types that will increase your sun resistance. However, you likely won’t need to use a coffin this way.

V Rising - What to Do During Day

The last thing you want to do is get caught out during the day phase and burnt to a crisp. Keep an eye out for shadows if you’re out and about.

One of the earliest structures you can build is the Mist Brazier which creates a cloud above where it’s placed. This is the main trick for dealing with the sun if you’re not sure what to do during the day in V Rising. The main disadvantage of this strategy is that it has to be placed within your Castle Heart territory. So you can’t just place one anywhere.

That aside, you’re also safe from enemies while sleeping inside a Wooden Coffin or Stone Coffin. You can even hop into one while enemies are chasing you and they’ll stop bothering you. It should only take a few seconds for them to lose interest and flee. This can be especially useful to get rid of enemies near your base if you’re not ready to deal with them.

V Rising - Sleeping in a Coffin

Even though nearby wolves and bandits won’t bother you while sleeping, you may still need to worry about other players.

Unfortunately, sleeping in a coffin in V Rising doesn’t pass time quicker. Even though the idea of sleeping may make you think it would. This is why I could see this change in the future perhaps for solo play or even having multiple players sleep simultaneously. Similar to Minecraft or other survival games that handle it that way. With that said, time will still pass at the normal rate.

This makes it so the main purpose for sleeping in V Rising is to temporarily be safe if you need to run away. Or perhaps you want to alt-tab for a moment and check something. This makes the most sense if you’re playing online with others and can’t shut down the server. Just make sure your Castle Heart doesn’t run out of blood essence. Even though it will take some time before your base decays.

Other Major Benefits of Coffins in V Rising

V Rising - Benefits of Coffins

Having a nearby spawn point can be a game-changer if you aren’t near any Vampire Waygates.

Even though sleeping in V Rising doesn’t have much purpose, the coffins still do. This is because both the Wooden Coffin and Stone Coffin act as a respawn point. You can only have one set spawn per type. So that means you have at least two alongside other respawn points such as the Vampire Waygates.

While you can eventually build your own Vampire Waygates, you won’t be able to spawn at them upon death. This is why you may want to have a coffin at each of your Castle Hearts if you have two bases. Or at least Waygates built when you’ve unlocked them so you can easily fast travel between them. Despite not being able to teleport with resources in your inventory.

V Rising - Servant Hunt Success Chance

Hunts are a useful way to gather resources using your servants so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Respawn benefits aside, I did mention earlier that there are three types of coffins. The third one is the Servant Coffin which you can use to convert humans to vampires. Even though you can’t sleep in this one or respawn at it, it’s useful for creating your own army. You can order servants to go on Hunts and collect resources for you.

That’s all there is to this V Rising guide on what does sleeping do. While there are only a couple of reasons to sleep in this vampire survival game, you may still find it useful. Especially to at least place a coffin for a respawn point.