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V Rising – What is Sawdust For

V Rising - What is Sawdust For

If you’re like most people playing V Rising, you’re probably wondering what is Sawdust for? The chances are likely that you have a bunch of it and aren’t quite sure what to do with it. This is because it’s a byproduct of making Planks at a Sawmill. For every Plank you make, you’ll end up with one Sawdust.

This may seem useless at first since you won’t have any use for it until later in V Rising. However, make sure you don’t get rid of it since it plays a huge role in unlocking new recipes. Continue reading our quick guide below for what recipe uses Sawdust.

What is Sawdust For in V Rising

V Rising - Unlocking the Study

A major part of V Rising is hunting down V Blood Carriers so you can unlock new recipes and vampiric powers.

Before you can do anything with this item/reagent for crafting, you’ll need to follow a few steps because it’s never simple. If you can’t defeat a level 37 V Blood Carrier, you won’t be able to take advantage of Sawdust quite yet. This is because you’ll need to take out Nicholaus the Fallen to unlock the Study building.

Similar to the early Research Desk building, you can use the Study to unlock more advanced recipes. Such as stronger iron weapons, armor, and plenty of other useful recipes. The main one we’re focused on here is the Paper Press which will help you continue unlocking new technologies. Once you’ve managed to unlock the Paper Press, you can finally use your Sawdust.

V Rising - Unlocking the Paper Press

Produce Paper so you can get every little bit of gear level to prepare you for the next set of tough enemies and bosses. You’ll definitely need a good set of Merciless armor and weapons.

The first crafting recipe you’ll have access to is 4 Plant Fibre and 12 Sawdust to make 1 Paper. If you’ve made it this far in V Rising, you know how important Paper is for unlocking recipes. Depending on how many recipes you’ve researched at the Research Desk, you may not need a lot of Paper. But, you’ll still need Paper to continue unlocking recipes at the Study.

This is because you can eventually convert your Sawdust to Paper and then to Scrolls. The annoying part is that while you can make Paper once you have a Paper Press, it’ll take a while before you can make Scrolls. You’ll need to defeat another V Blood Carrier but this one is much higher in level.

V Rising - How to Unlock Scroll Recipe

If you’re not sure how to make Scrolls in V Rising, you’ll likely need to increase your gear level before fighting Frostmaw.

This V Blood Carrier is Frostmaw the Mountain Terror at level 56. Defeating Frostmaw will immediately unlock the Scrolls recipe at your Paper Press. Which requires 12 Gem Dust and 4 Paper to craft 1 Scroll. Since you’ll need 75 Scrolls per random technology at the Study, this can help offset that significant cost.

That’s all there is to this V Rising guide on what is Sawdust used for. It’s not surprising that a lot of players in the community don’t know what to do with it. Especially since the developer designed the game to give it to you way before you can use it.


Thursday 26th of May 2022