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We’re Tweaking the Slyther Games Site Design

Slyther Games Orange Logo With a Blue Snake

Hey Slyther Games readers, just letting everyone know with a quick post that we’re changing our site design/theme. Since I’m a one-man team, don’t be surprised if something goes wrong or doesn’t format quite right. I’ll be working on this throughout the week and catching issues as they come up.

If you notice something that looks off, feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll try to update this article when I’m mostly done with the redesign. Fingers crossed the major changes don’t break anything!

The goal of this redesign is to speed up load times for everyone so you can get to what you want even quicker. I’m hoping the optimizations in this new theme compared to the current one pay off. Be sure to wish me luck so I don’t take down the whole site by accident!