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Vampire Survivors – What is Hyper Mode

Vampire Survivors - What is Hyper Mode

One special setting in Vampire Survivors may have you wondering what is Hyper mode and how does it work? When you first start playing you won’t have access to this setting since you’ll need to make some progress before unlocking it. However, it’s worth learning what Hyper mode is especially so you can farm gold quicker.

Our guide below quickly explains what to know about this setting that you can enable for every single stage in Vampire Survivors. If you want to specifically know how to unlock Hyper mode for each stage, check our guide on unlocking new maps.

What is Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors - Hyper Mode Stage Differences

Once you’ve unlocked Hyper mode for a stage, you can check the box at the bottom of your stage selection screen.

Hyper mode slightly tweaks how each stage works and has different modifiers for every single one. With that said, you’ll see an increase in Move Speed, a Gold Bonus, and a Luck Bonus across most of them. The main outlier currently is stage 1 which doesn’t have a Luck Bonus. It’s important to mention that this also increases the movement speed of enemies too.

That negative aside, the only other bad modifier you’ll run into is on a bonus stage. Il Molise has a +60% increase in enemy health with Hyper mode active. This is a bit silly anyway since this bonus stage doesn’t have any enemies that can move. Therefore, I tend to always play with this mode enabled since it’s worth it for all the bonuses. Another minor change is that the stage’s music is sped up as well.

How to Unlock Mad Forest Hyper Mode

Vampire Survivors - How to Unlock Mad Forest Hyper Mode

While our main guide for unlocking stages covers every map, here’s how to unlock Hyper mode for the first stage.

If you’re curious about how to unlock Hyper mode for the first stage, Mad Forest, I’ll quickly cover that. Fortunately, it’s relatively simple but it can be difficult if you’re still new to Vampire Survivors. This is because you’ll need to make it to the 25-minute mark when a difficult enemy spawns named, the giant Blue Venus.

Even though it won’t have a name above it, you should notice it immediately when the clock hits 25 minutes. Otherwise, keep an eye out for a large purple flower making its way toward you. It’ll look like the enemies shown in the above screenshot. If you already have a few item evolutions and have made it this far, you’ll probably be okay as long as you’re paying attention.

Vampire Survivors - Poppea Mannajja Item Evolution

Even with huge AoE item evolutions like Mannajja, you’re still vulnerable to elite/boss enemies pushing through.

The main risk of losing your Vampire Survivors run against the giant Blue Venus is if you’re not watching. While you may have a strong build going where nothing can get close to you, bosses typically force their way through. This is due to knockback resistance preventing items like the King Bible or Garlic from keeping them away.

Regardless, Hyper mode is a good way to speed up Vampire Survivors since it can feel a little slow at times. Especially if you haven’t bought both levels of the MoveSpeed power up for an extra 10% movement speed. Between this powerup and having Hyper mode on, it can be rough reverting to the normal speed.

Vampire Survivors - Farming Gold Hyper Mode

If you take full advantage of Hyper mode, the Greed item, and power up, you can get a good chunk of gold.

That’s all there is to this simple Vampire Survivors guide on what is Hyper mode. Unlike the other Hurry mode, this doesn’t speed up the clock or make your run quicker. It’s primarily for moving quickly while farming gold with the Greed item. If you haven’t gotten Greed yet, you’ll need to get the Stone Mask.