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Weird West – How to Win Slap Game

Weird West - How to Win Slap Game

While exploring the world of Weird West you’ve likely come across a Witch at the Crossroads. This is one of several random encounters that can lead to a small slap game with her. She says that the first one to land a slap on the other wins and she even lets you go first.

Despite having multiple choices on the different ways to slap her, you’ll lose no matter what. You can keep trying and you can even try slowing down time. None of the choices listed below will work and neither will slowing down time sadly. However, there is one way to truly win explained in our guide. Learn how to slap the Heathen witch below.

  • Slap Left to Right
  • Slap Left to Right from the Backhand
  • Slap Right to Left
  • Slap Right to Left from the Backhand

How to Win Slap Game in Weird West

Weird West - Slap Game Rewards

Win this little game for a chance at getting an Ace of Spades card or other valuable rewards too.

Before you can win this slap game against the Heathen, you’ll need to get a legendary amulet. Chances are you won’t come across it unless you’ve made it to the final character’s story, the Oneirist. This is only because you naturally end up near where the item is during their storyline.

Fortunately, nothing prevents you from hunting down this amulet as a different character. With that said, I found the item on both the Oneirist and the Bounty Hunter. You’ll need to find an Oneirist temple named Somnolence, near the bottom right portion of Weird West. If you’re playing as the Oneirist, this is the first area you start in.

Weird West - Where is Somnolence

You can visit many major story areas before you’re supposed to actually reach them in the storyline. This is one example of them.

If you’re playing as a different character and haven’t found it yet, just take a look at the screenshot above. It’s possible they may not like you if you’re playing as the werewolf journey, but I haven’t tested it. They didn’t mind me exploring their temple as the Bounty Hunter, however. Once you’ve made it to Somnolence, you’ll need to find The Authority’s Quarters inside.

Just make your way to the far back-left corner and there will be an interactable sign that says, “The Authority’s Quarters”. If you can’t get inside through the front door, there’s a side tunnel to the right where you can crawl inside instead.

Weird West - Where is Amulet of the Open Palm

As long as an Oneirist doesn’t see you steal the amulet, you can leave peacefully.

All you need to do now is grab the Amulet of the Open Palm on the desk. If you’re not sure where exactly, the screenshot shows where you can pick it up. Just make sure nobody walks by the door and looks inside when you grab it. Otherwise, you may end up with a lot of unhappy witches.

Now when you run into the Witch at the Crossroads, make sure you have the Amulet of the Open Palm equipped. This will give you a fifth option during the slap game that says, “Slap using the power of the Amulet of the Open Palm.” As long as you pick this choice, you’ll win and get to grab a reward from her chest.

Weird West - Winning the Slap Game

It may take a while before you run back into the Heathen since it is still a random encounter event.

The reward you get seems to vary since I’ve seen different results comparing mine to others. Some players have gotten a Nimp Head, while I’ve been luckier and gotten a Golden Ace of Spades card instead. Be sure to let others know in the comments what reward you get! If you end up with a Nimp Head and aren’t sure what to do with it, check our guide on How to Get Money Fast in Weird West.

That’s all there is to this guide on winning the slap game against the Heathen witch. Hopefully you didn’t take too many slaps to the face before giving up! I know I tried all sorts of tricks before finally leaving. For more Weird West guides, take a look at some of the links below.