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Weird West – Where to Sell Amulets

Weird West - Where to Sell Amulets

Finding out where to sell certain items in Weird West can be a pain like where to sell amulets, for example. You’d think you might be able to sell it to one of the few stores available in towns, but unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated. And it all relies on a random encounter which can be frustrating.

Continue reading our quick guide so you can get rid of those amulets that you have way too many of. I must have ended up with at least five Amulets of the Windwalker before realizing where to sell them.

Where to Sell Amulets in Weird West

Weird West - Wanderer Caravan Random Encounter

As previously mentioned, you can’t sell amulets to any of the stores you’d find in a town. Such as a General Store, Gun Shop, Tailor, or even the Doctor which sells a few items. Instead, you’ll need to get lucky and track down a Wanderer Caravan while traveling the overworld.

This band of Wanderers can have a bunch of amulets for sale alongside even a Nimp Relic. I’m not positive whether their inventory changes with each visit or not. But this is possible. Keep in mind, as goes with all items in Weird West, you’ll never get the full value of your item from selling it. Therefore, if you try to sell an Amulet of Resistance with a value of $100, it’ll sell for $25 instead.

Weird West - Wanderer Merchant Trade Window

While this probably isn’t your best bet for making money in Weird West, there are plenty of tricks in our guide on How to Make Money Fast. But, there isn’t much benefit to having tons of duplicates either since you can only equip two amulets at a time. Even if you equip two of the same type, that’s all you can do assuming their buff stacks. Also, be careful to not accidentally sell the one you have equipped.

Be sure to let us know what amulets you think are the best in Weird West. Certain ones will only benefit you depending on how you play. Such as those that buff your damage when you have a high or low reputation. Here are a few of the different amulets you can find:

  • Amulet of Insulation – While equipped, grants moderate Fire resistance.
  • Amulet of the Infamous – While equipped, deal additional damage if you have a very low reputation.
  • Adrenaline Amulet – When your health is low, your fire rate is increased.

Weird West - How to Sell Amulets

That’s all there is to this short guide on where to sell amulets and how they work in Weird West. Don’t be surprised if you come across a bunch of them while looting the many different containers and cabinets. While you’re here, make sure to visit some of our other useful guides too!