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Weird West – How to Get Money Fast

Weird West - How to Get Money Fast

Making money in Weird West can be tough if you don’t know where to start. That’s why I’ve put together this in-depth guide on how to get money fast. You’ll need to earn some if you want to get your first horse or buy better gear for your character. Or even if you’re trying to gear up a posse.

Fortunately, there are some useful tricks for making money that can also get you great gear along the way. But, you may have to get your hands dirty if you don’t mind sneaking into some places! Our first few recommendations are quicker that the ones that follow. Even though they’re all great methods to get started.

How to Get Money Fast in Weird West

Hunt Outlaws For Bounties

Weird West - Completing Bounties For Money

Bounties are a fun way to get some action and money simultaneously.

One of the first ways to make money that fits the wild west best is hunting outlaws for bounties. Visit the board outside the Sheriff’s building to decide what bounty you want to take on. You’ll have a few choices each with different rewards. I usually just grab the highest one since I’m in it for the money.

Hunting outlaws can be a fun source of content if you’re not in a rush. Depending on how you want to play, you can go in guns blazing or quietly and capture your target. Bringing back a bounty alive will pay out more, but it can take longer. I find that early bounties tend to pay out anywhere from $100 to $200.

I recommend doing this to get your first horse if you didn’t pre-order Weird West. For those of you that did, you’ll have access to a free horse immediately. Just make sure you check your mailbox in the first area, Bell Stead. This leads to Albright’s Stead where you can claim it.

Rob Shops in Weird West

Weird West - How to Rob Stores

As long as you know which places to rob in Weird West, you can make a lot of money.

If you don’t mind trespassing in places you don’t belong, you can make a lot of money fast. The fun part about this is that it doesn’t take long and you can do it as early as Grackle. This is the first town you’ll likely make it to, but you can do it in any town.

Find towns with a Gun Shop and Tailor Shop because other places don’t tend to have valuable items. The trick is to figure out which container in each store contains the majority of their inventory. Even though some stores may spread items across more than one container. Chances are you’ll have an easier time with the Tailor since they’re usually a one-person operation.

Weird West - Stealing From Stores

Did you know stores will restock their goods over time? This means you can return for more goodies later.

Just make sure you only do this at night since you won’t be able to steal their main inventory during the day. Plus, the shop owner will typically go to sleep at night if everything works properly. The main issue with the Gun Shop is that you may run into a guard on patrol. In this case, you’ll need to look for the best entrance in as well as learn their path.

If you’re not sure how to get inside a building with locked doors, check the roof. Many stores have a chimney or window that you can attach a rope to. This will let you get inside and escape easily too. Afterward, you can usually pickpocket the shop owner for their key.

Sell Nimp Heads to Certain Traders

Weird West - What to Do With Nimp Heads

Nimp Heads are probably the most valuable item you can sell aside from high rarity weapons.

If you end up with a bunch of Nimp Heads in Weird West and aren’t quite sure what they are for, you can sell them. They have a value of $200, but you can trade them for $50 to doctors and Wanderer merchants. Since you can only run into Wanderer merchants randomly on the overworld, your best bet is finding a doctor.

I recommend visiting the doctor in Grackle if you’re not sure where to go. I haven’t found any other use for Nimp Heads otherwise. With that said, you may want to check the final tip section in our guide before getting rid of them. They’re useful for getting a jump start on other characters.

Sell Valuable Junk and Loot

Weird West - General Store Screenshot

It’s easy to get into a rhythm of scrapping every extra weapon you find, but don’t forget you can sell them as well.

The easiest way to make money despite not being the quickest is selling junk you come across. If you’re like me and try to loot every chest, barrel, and body, you’re going to quickly run out of storage. This is why you’re eventually better off only looting junk with a higher value. I would at least avoid the $8 junk items unless you’re already in a town.

Aside from selling actual junk to the General Store, you can also sell weapons. The gray rarity ones tend to barely sell for anything, but you may get more than scrapping. Especially if it’s a higher rarity weapon like green, blue, or even purple. While you do get ammo from scrapping, most ammo only costs $1 each. With that said, if you’re overflowing with loot, you can scrap instead.

Complete Side Missions For Money

Weird West - Completing Side Missions

Side missions are a good way to make friends, get a reward, and learn some story as well.

Side missions aren’t a reliable way to get money in Weird West, but they are an option. If you ever see a blue marker above an NPC or on the side of your screen, go check it out. This is someone with a side mission and likely some story for you to get involved in. Also, they’ll often tell you what the reward is before you accept the mission.

While not every mission has a set money reward, you can sometimes get new gear instead. Either way, you’ll learn more about Weird West’s world while getting something in exchange.

What to Do First When Starting a New Character

Weird West - Saloon Screenshot

Starting a new character in Weird West can be intimidating at first when you realize all your items are gone.

Weird West has five different characters each with their own journey and storyline. When you start a new character, you’ll have a completely new inventory and set of skills that you can unlock. Despite still having all your perks, your money won’t transfer over either.

This forces you to grind for money again to get a horse and whatever other gear you may need. However, as a useful tooltip mentions in-game, you can find previous characters usually in their starting areas. This is important since they’re strong followers to recruit and you can also access their inventory.

Weird West - Recruiting Previous Characters

Make sure to visit old characters of yours for a helping hand and old loot too.

Whether you’re looking to grab a great weapon from a previous life or an even better item, Nimp Heads. As previously mentioned in this Weird West guide, Nimp Heads sell for a nice $50 value. You can use them as a way to transfer money across characters if you don’t sell them prematurely.

Otherwise, that’s all there is to this Weird West guide on how to get money fast. Be sure to visit our 10 Best Tips and Tricks guide for more useful advice. Such as, did you know you can destroy certain parts of the environment for hidden loot?