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Weird West – Where to Sell Junk

Weird West - Where to Sell Junk

Weird West is loaded with containers like barrels and crates that may have you wondering where to sell junk? If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably end up with a full inventory quickly and not know what to get rid of. This is because you need to make a small amount of progress in the story before finding a convenient place to sell junk.

Continue reading our guide for an explanation of how to sell items in Weird West so you can get back to looting. You can also find some quick tips regarding the different types of storage available.

Where to Sell Junk in Weird West

Weird West - Where to Sell Items

If you love to loot every single chest, cabinet, and crate you come across, your inventory will quickly look like this.

The first mission as Jane Bell, the Bounty Hunter, has you searching for the Stillwaters gang. This quickly brings you to a major town named Grackle assuming you follow the story. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to sell anything here quite yet since the town has been ravaged by the Stillwaters.

If you continue following the main story, you’ll investigate for tracks across a couple of locations before tracking down the Stillwaters. Once you finish your mission at their base, you can return to Grackle and find a much-restored town. All you need to do now is find the General Store in town and sell your junk to the shopkeeper.

Weird West - Selling Items to General Store

If you don’t see the shopkeeper nearby and it’s still daytime, you can interact with certain parts of the store to get their attention. Such as the counter or a shelf.

It’s worth mentioning that all shops will be closed if it’s currently nighttime. Fortunately, you can easily shift to daytime by opening up the main menu and using the Loiter button. This will always change the time to the opposite whether it’s day or night. There isn’t any other benefit to it like healing or recovering AP.

For those of you that are worried about junk having a purpose later, this doesn’t seem to play a role in Weird West. Some games can make it confusing by doing this, but I haven’t found a use for a junk item aside from selling it. Make sure you take advantage of the sell-all button in a shop as well. This can save time so you’re not going item by item instead.

Weird West - General Store Trading Menu

Your reputation plays a role in how expensive items are but not how valuable your items are.

If you’re not sure what the button is for your platform, just check the bottom of your screen while in a shop window. For those of you playing on PC, all you have to do is hold G. The button also mentions how much money you’ll get in total. This can be confusing since you won’t get the full value stated in an item’s description.

Regardless, you can find plenty of towns in Weird West that may have a General Store. This is definitely one of the more common shops, but each town is unique. Otherwise, you may randomly run into merchants as an overworld event.

How to Get More Inventory Space in Weird West

Weird West - Horse Saddlebags Tip

After purchasing your own horse in Weird West, you can access their saddlebags by interacting with them. They’ll always be at the region’s edge from where you entered.

Despite how easy it is to run out of inventory space while looting, there isn’t an actual way to expand it. However, there are a couple of options for storing items even though they can be a bit inconvenient. Before you can take advantage of either method, you’ll need to spend a little money in-game.

The first choice as recommended in our 10 Best Tips and Tricks guide is to buy a horse. Aside from getting around the world quicker, you’ll also gain access to the horse’s saddlebags. This inventory has 32 slots and is persistent across every character/journey. But, it can get a little annoying to use if you’re constantly storing items.

Weird West - Safe Deposit Box Bank Storage

A safe deposit box can be a neat way to transfer items between towns. Especially if it’s for an item or consumable you have too much of already.

The second choice is less convenient since you’ll need to be in a town that has a bank to use it. Every bank has a safe deposit box that you can access by paying $150 in-game once. Then, you can store items at the bank that you can access in any town. For example, storing an item in Grackle and withdrawing it in Bernan.

That’s all there is to this Weird West guide on where to sell junk. If you’re not sure where to sell other items, try checking other common stores like the tailor, gun store, or even the doctor. Make sure to check out some of the other useful guides listed below.


Sunday 10th of July 2022

Any ability to sell while playing as a pigman?

Jeffrey Lerman

Sunday 10th of July 2022

Hey Xozus, yeah you'll be able to use stores again as the Pigman relatively quickly. You just have to make a small amount of progress in the questline. It's a little disappointing how quickly the game is okay with you being a Pigman, but it's at least not a major inconvenience haha