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The Riftbreaker – How to Reload

The Riftbreaker - How to Reload Ammo

Running out of ammo in The Riftbreaker can be a pain when you have a massive swarm of aliens incoming. This is why it’s important to know how to reload and all the mechanics around it. Fortunately, it isn’t too confusing but it is easy to have no clue how it works. Especially since it works differently for towers as well.

Continue reading our guide for how to reload your ammo, tower ammo, and even increase your magazine size for each weapon. I’ve thrown in a few tips worth reading along the way too.

How to Reload in The Riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker - How to Reload Ammo

The last thing you want to see when a horde of aliens is incoming is “Out of Ammo!”

The Mecha-Suit you control can have six weapons equipped simultaneously each with its own ammo type. Or if you’re like me, I prefer to have at least one melee weapon to mix it up. This helps mow down swarms without having to worry about ammo. Personally, I’m fond of the spear since it can easily destroy large groups in a line.

Regardless, before you can reload any ammo in The Riftbreaker, you’ll need to build an Armory. This building produces ammo specifically for the Mecha-Suit so you can keep firing away. What’s cool about the way the Armory works is that you don’t need to be anywhere near it. Similar to how Rift Portals work, you can take advantage of both from anywhere.

The Riftbreaker - How to Make Ammo

The Armor is an extremely important building if you don’t want to rely on melee weapons exclusively.

Instead of needing to press a reload button like many video games have, your ammo will replenish automatically over time. Unfortunately, that does mean you’ll need to wait for it to come back. But, you can watch it happen in real-time as it comes back in small chunks. Also, you can increase the reload speed by building more Armories or upgrading them. This will require getting further along the research tree, however.

One more quick tip before discussing how to increase magazine size. While you can use two weapons that have the same ammo type, they will run out quicker. This is because you’re draining the same ammo type for each one. For example, using both a Minigun and a Small Machinegun. Even though that combo can be fun for tough aliens.

How to Increase Weapon Magazine Size

The Riftbreaker - How to Increase Magazine Size

Ammo Storage buildings are great for keeping both the Mecha-Suit and Towers supplied.

If you want to increase the amount of ammo you can carry for a weapon, you’ll need to do more than building Armories. This is because they don’t provide any storage for ammo. Instead, you’ll need to build Ammo Storage. While these buildings won’t provide a huge increase in ammo for your Mecha-Suit, they do provide a good chunk for towers.

With that said, as you continue researching new technology, you can eventually upgrade your Ammo Storage too. This will help with increasing your magazine size so you can take out even more aliens with ease. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck relying on your melee weapons more frequently. Which isn’t always a bad thing.

Don’t forget that you can build storage at different outposts so you’re not taking up too much space in one area. This definitely helps with keeping your main headquarters base from becoming too cluttered.

How to Reload Tower Ammo in The Riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker - How to Reload Tower Ammo

You’ll need at least one Tower Ammo Factory early on in The Riftbreaker. However, later you may need more to keep up with the demand.

If you’re starting to get annoyed with the game telling you that your towers are out of ammo, this section is for you. Fortunately, reloading tower ammo is similar to reloading Mecha-Suit ammo. Instead of building an Armory, you’ll need to make a Tower Ammo Factory. This will exclusively produce ammo for your towers to keep them going.

The one good thing as mentioned in the last section is that Ammo Storage structures work for both the Mecha-Suit and towers. So you don’t need to make a different type of storage to keep your towers ready to go.

The Riftbreaker - Out of Energy Ammo

The Railgun Tower is one of a few types that use a unique type of ammo that the Tower Ammo Factory doesn’t produce.

One common issue I’ve noticed in The Riftbreaker community is some people getting this message despite having tons of ammo. This is often because certain towers use energy instead of ammo like Low caliber or Liquid. Therefore, if you run out of energy, you’ll start hearing the alert that you’re out of ammo. One example of a tower that uses energy is the Railgun Tower. It uses 100 per shot so this can be expensive.

If you have any other questions for me regarding The Riftbreaker, feel free to ask below. Otherwise, that’s all there is to this guide on How to Reload and then some. I’ll do my best to help out in the comments below if I can.


Tuesday 16th of November 2021

Thank you so much i have been looking everywhere for a answer to the tower are low on ammo problem

Jeffrey Lerman

Tuesday 16th of November 2021

Glad to be of help David! I noticed a lot of people asking about reloading but couldn't quite narrow it down to what issue they were having. It definitely seems like a lot of people get caught up on the more advanced towers that require special resources.