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Chivalry 2 – How to Get Shields

Chivalry 2 - How to Get Shields

If you’ve been playing Chivalry 2 and are wondering how to get shields, this guide is for you. Objective-based maps benefit the most from classes that have shields as you can push objectives more easily. When you’re storming a bridge with tons of enemy archers, they can’t easily take you out. Continue reading our guide below for which classes have one.

How to Get Shields in Chivalry 2

While you can pick up shields off the floor, this isn’t the main way you’ll want to get them. Despite being able to change your weapon loadout in Chivalry 2, you can’t equip a shield the same way. Instead, there are only three class variants that have one regardless of the weapon you choose.

The Skirmisher is an Archer class variant that has a small light shield. You likely won’t push objectives as the Skirmisher, but you can still block plenty of incoming attacks. Due to its small size, it’s not great for blocking arrows.

The Man at Arms is a Footman class variant that also has a small light shield. Similar to the Skirmisher, I wouldn’t recommend it for blocking arrows. The real advantage of the Man At Arms is being able to dodge more frequently with their dash cooldown halved. This makes for a fun time dancing around enemies with a fast weapon simultaneously.

The Guardian is a Knight class variant that has a large tower shield. This is the one you want if you’re trying to push an objective without taking damage. While you’re still vulnerable from the sides and back, nobody is getting through from the front. Unless of course, they hit you with a kick. But as explained in our 10 Best Chivalry 2 Tips and Tricks guide, people love to spam attacks instead.

Chivalry 2 - Shield Guide Screenshot

Shields are a great way to frustrate an enemy trying to get past your blocking.

If you’re looking for a peaceable shield instead such as the Pavise, you’ll want to pick the Crossbowman class. You can also commonly find Pavises on certain maps like the Tournament Grounds. These are great for setting up a defensive position or blocking arrows while resupplying. You’re extremely vulnerable when trying to get arrows or bandages from a resupply crate.

If you have any other Chivalry 2 questions for me, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll try to get back to you. Be sure to visit more useful guides filled with tips and tricks below here at Slyther Games.