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10 Best Chivalry 2 Tips and Tricks

Chivalry 2 Tips and Tricks Guide

Prepare for the massive medieval battles in Chivalry 2 using our guide filled with some of the best tips and tricks to get you started. This sequel brings us back into the war between Agatha and Mason with nonstop action. Make sure you’re ready to deal with those tough situations when you get swarmed by multiple enemies.

Table of Contents

Tip 1 – Complete Chivalry 2’s Tutorial
Tip 2 – Third Person vs. First Person
Tip 3 – How to Self-Revive
Tip 4 – Avoid Getting Surrounded
Tip 5 – How to Eat Food
Tip 6 – Kick to Break Blocks 
Tip 7 – How to Attack Quicker
Tip 8 – Try Different Weapons and Classes
Tip 9 – Learn the Player You’re Against
Tip 10 – Play the Objective in Chivalry 2

Tip 1 – Complete Chivalry 2’s Tutorial

Chivalry 2 - Tutorial Guide Tip

The tutorial is a good place to start before leaping into a match.

Not everyone likes doing tutorials because they can be slow and teach you basic controls that you already know. However, this isn’t entirely the case for Chivalry 2. It’s important to complete the tutorial because it teaches the basics and advanced techniques for winning fights.

Some of the tips included in this guide are even mentioned in the tutorial, so you’ll be ahead of the game. You’d be surprised how many players haven’t done the tutorial and have no idea how basic mechanics work.

Tip 2 – Third Person vs. First Person

Chivalry 2 - Third Person Tip

Third person perspective is often the better choice, but not always.

Those of you that played the original Chivalry may feel out of place with the sequel now having a third-person perspective. The unfortunate reality is that you’re almost always better off playing in third person. Unless you’re playing exclusively on a dueling server, you’ll want to see everything going on.

This is important for fighting multiple enemies at once so you can see 180 degrees around you. And in my opinion, it makes it easier to swing quickly without getting dizzy. With that said, first-person is still the go-to for when the map glitches into your camera. Or if you’re using a ballista since they’re difficult in third-person. Fortunately, you can change your perspective at any time. For those on PC, the default button is P.

Tip 3 – How to Self-Revive

Chivalry 2 - Self Revive Tip

Did you know you can revive yourself after an enemy takes you down?

One essential tip that the Chivalry 2 tutorial doesn’t mention is self-reviving. When you get downed, teammates can revive you, but that’s not the only way to get back up. You can punch enemies to fill the bar on screen and get back up when it’s full. If you’ve only just gotten downed, you can revive with two punches generally.

However, the longer that you’ve been down, the bar will deplete making it more difficult. Eventually, you’ll bleed out if an enemy hasn’t already killed you. While you can’t always get up with this strategy, it’s great for when an enemy is distracted. Or if you’re stuck in a common scenario where nobody wants to revive you.

Tip 4 – Avoid Getting Surrounded

Chivalry 2 - Mason Team Tip

Getting surrounded by enemies is the quickest way to lose a fight.

Regardless of whether you’re playing on the 64 or 40 player mode, it’s easy to get surrounded. This is a quick death sentence if you can’t get away. That doesn’t mean you can’t fight multiple enemies, you just can’t have them on every side. It quickly becomes impossible to block and fight when you’re getting hit nonstop.

Stay aware of your surroundings and where enemies are. This will help prevent enemies from sneaking up on you. A useful trick for dealing with multiple enemies is to strafe so they’re blocking each other. This makes them more likely to hit each other. Another fun one is strafing so an enemy blocks an archer from hitting you. There’s a solid chance that archer will still hit their own teammate.

Tip 5 – How to Eat Food

Chivalry 2 - How to Eat Food

Keep an eye out for apples and bread that you can eat to restore health.

Another tip the Chivalry 2 tutorial doesn’t mention is that you can eat food for health. I only found out about this from reading a tip after throwing apples at enemies nonstop. I don’t know if I was helping them or hurting them. If you want to heal a small chunk of health, you can use the battle cry button while holding food to eat it.

You’re always better off using bandages or a teammate’s ability for healing, but food is a good backup. Especially when you don’t have bandages or are in a bad situation. Keep an eye on your surroundings as each map is filled with food. Getting bandages back wouldn’t be so bad if the developer added a button for toggling supply box locations.

Tip 6 – Kick to Break Blocks

Chivalry 2 - Kick Screenshot Tip

Kick enemies that don’t know how to stop blocking, even if it doesn’t look cool like this.

Many Chivalry 2 players fall into the same strategy of fighting where all they do is attack, block, attack, block. This becomes an extremely predictable pattern that you can interrupt with a good kick. While kicks don’t interrupt attacks, they do create a vulnerable window where an enemy can’t block.

This is why once you notice an enemy blocks after every attack, swap a kick in, instead. If you repeat the pattern back to them, you’re more likely to run out of stamina or get kicked. A big part of Chivalry 2 is understanding the enemy you’re up against and that’s why tip 9 is dedicated to that. Once you realize what you’re dealing with, you have a better chance of winning.

Tip 7 – How to Attack Quicker

Chivalry 2 - How to Attack Quicker

It doesn’t matter who swings first, but who swings quicker.

Players familiar with the first Chivalry or similar games may already have an idea of how this works. By turning with the swing of your weapon, you can attack quicker. This makes it possible for slow two-handed weapons to keep up. Plus, you can take enemies by surprise not giving them enough time to block.

As the tutorial explains, turning with your swing is essentially rotating your hips. Try not to think of movement as moving your legs and that’s it. With that said, you can also move your legs to get a little more speed too. Speeding up attacks is known as accelerating while slowing down is known as dragging.

The idea behind dragging is to throw off an enemy from knowing when you’re going to hit. A slow attack may give someone confidence to stop blocking and become vulnerable. Mixing in both accelerating and dragging is bound to confuse your opponent.

Tip 8 – Try Different Weapons and Classes

Chivalry 2 - Weapons and Classes Tip

You never know what Chivalry 2class will be your favorite until you try them all.

Experiment with different weapons and classes because you might find a setup that works better for you. Fortunately, Chivalry 2 has a good variety of playstyles across each class variant. You can attack quickly with a one-handed sword and a shield. You can fight from far away with a bow or crossbow. Perhaps you prefer to wield a big sword as a knight and run up front.

Every class has its own weapons, passive perks, and active ability too. Find out whether you prefer blocking objectives with oil pots or healing teammates with a banner. Both are a great way to support your team. If you’re not sure how to change weapons, visit our guide on changing loadouts.

Tip 9 – Learn the Player You’re Against

Chivalry 2 - Player Strategies Tip

Change your strategy and adapt to each type of player.

Many people playing Chivalry 2 are going to spam one attack and not do much else. For those of you playing on PC, these are the dreaded left-click spammers. It’s important to understand the person you’re fighting so you know how to counter them. Here are a few patterns to look for.

  • If someone spams one attack, block and riposte for a quick counter. Or dodge out of the way. Jabs seem to be a little finicky.
  • If someone repeatedly attacks and blocks afterward, disrupt their flow with a kick.
  • If they won’t stop blocking, you can kick or drain their stamina with multiple attacks.
  • If they use a good variety of mechanics, you’ll need to match it or swing quicker. Take advantage of dodges when you’re being outplayed.

Tip 10 – Play the Objective in Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 - Play the Objective Tip

You can’t win if you don’t play the objective. Even if that’s just preventing enemies from getting to your teammates.

This is a silly tip that you’d think wouldn’t be necessary, but it is with how many people ignore the objective. If you’re playing free for all or a team deathmatch map, you won’t need to worry about objectives. But, for every other map, you’ll want to work together with your team to accomplish each objective.

With that said, you also get points for contributing to objectives too. Sometimes, simply defending an area and not doing anything will give you points. While I can say points on the scoreboard don’t matter, we all know it feels good to reach the top.

If you have some Chivalry 2 tips and tricks of your own, be sure to comment below the article and help others out too. I’m currently working on more guides to answer common questions people have.

A key for Chivalry 2 was provided by the developer for the purpose of covering it.