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Going Medieval – How to Fill Holes

Going Medieval - How to Fill Holes Guide

When you’re building an underground base in Going Medieval for the first time, it’s easy to end up with holes. This is a part of the stability system where you’ll have cave-ins if you don’t make Wooden Beams. For this guide, we’re focusing on how to fill holes with three different methods depending on your situation. Continue reading below.

How to Fill Holes in Going Medieval

Fill in Holes Using Floors

Going Medieval - Floor Bridge Stability

Just slap a floor over that hole like the Flex Tape guy.

Our first tip for filling holes is to simply build a floor over it. If you go with this method, make sure the floor is attached to another ground tile. You can’t have floor tiles that are completely floating since there’s no stability. If you try to do this, the floor tile will either collapse or the order to build it will disappear.

This is also a neat trick for essentially creating bridges across gaps. For example, if you wanted to create an empty moat around your village. This would force enemies to funnel through specific areas where you can set up traps.

With that said, the main issue with covering holes using floors is that it doesn’t function as a roof. While this may not seem like a huge problem, it can be if the hole is outside. This will prevent your underground base from being considered inside. And then you’ll have all the penalties that go with that. Such as negative mood modifiers for sleeping outside or temperature being let in. You don’t want cold settlers during the winter.

Fill in Holes Using Roof Tiles

Going Medieval - How to Fill Holes Roof

Looks good as new, right?

Our second tip for filling holes in Going Medieval is a much sillier one that works. Instead of using floor tiles, you can simply put a rooftop across the floor. This helps with keeping a room closed from the outside. Especially when your underground base has a cave-in with a hole leading out. If you’d prefer to not have a random roof tile on the floor, you can create a room above the hole instead.

Then, refer to the previous section and replace that hole with a floor tile. This can be a nuisance if the hole isn’t in a useful area. But, these are your only two solutions right now. Unfortunately, with the physics system and current setup, you can’t replace ground tiles entirely.

Replace Missing Tiles With Walls

One last trick that you can take advantage of is replacing missing tiles using walls. This may sound a little silly, but here’s how you do it. You can place a Wooden Beam below the mission spot and then place a wall on top of that. If you use a Clay Wall, you’ll get the most insulation out of it. Otherwise, you can simply place two walls on top of each other to fill the hole and skip using a Wooden Beam altogether.

If you have any other Going Medieval questions for us, feel free to ask in the comments. And we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. For more guides, you can visit our guide hub or take a look at some useful tips and tricks below.