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Biomutant – Do Enemies Respawn

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Wondering whether or not enemies respawn in Biomutant? We’ve got a short guide for you answering that question. As goes with any open-world RPG, they tend to be filled with content everywhere you look so you don’t end up with an empty world. That’s why enemies that respawn tend to be common so players can grind if they’re having trouble.

Do Enemies Respawn in Biomutant

While there doesn’t seem to be a definite answer on enemies respawning in Biomutant, the answer seems to be no. Players across Reddit and the Steam discussions have come to realize the world starts to get a little quiet after a while. I’ve tried revisiting old areas and haven’t noticed new enemies respawning where they once were. It’s possible this may change after a while or with an update later on.

The only way you’ll get enemies to respawn in Biomutant is by completing the main story and restarting it on the New Game Plus mode. This resets the world back to normal with you starting at the Tree of Life and skipping early portions of the game. With that said, some people on the Steam discussions have mentioned tribe members and wild animals still respawning.

This makes a little more sense to keep the tribe wars going until you get far enough into the campaign. And regarding wild animals, this clearly makes sense for getting mounts and the little critters that impact your aura. It’s easy for these critters to disappear before you can catch them. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they reappear.

Should Enemies Respawn in Biomutant?

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What do you think of the developer’s decision to prevent enemies from respawning? I’ve always liked the idea of being able to grind previous areas for extra experience if I’m struggling elsewhere. However, Biomutant has a level scaling system in place which tends to solve that dilemma. The main issue now is simply finding enemies to fight if you’re trying to reach the max level.

At that point, your best bet is to complete every single side mission instead. This makes it easier to clearly know where you have and haven’t been. Not to say you can’t simply beat the main story and move onto the New Game Plus mode altogether. Since your character progression and gear stick with you.

If you have any other questions for us, feel free to comment below the article and we’ll try to help out. Otherwise, be sure to visit our Biomutant guide hub or one of the many useful guides below. We’re always looking for a way to help people enjoy their game a little more.

A Biomutant key was provided by a PR company for coverage purposes.