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Biomutant – How to Destroy Boomhuts

Biomutant - How to Destroy Boomhut Guide

When conquering outposts in Biomutant you may come across wall cannons known as Boomhuts. Without a tooltip to explain how to destroy Boomhuts, most of us are left a little confused on what to do. You can’t shoot it, you can’t melee it, and psi powers don’t work either. That’s why we’ve put together this short Biomutant guide to help you out.

How to Destroy Boomhuts in Biomutant

Biomutant - Destroy Boomhut Tip

Fortunately, destroying these pesky wall cannons isn’t anything too crazy. Even though it’s easy to not realize immediately what you’re supposed to do. All you need to do is wait for it to launch a glowing red grenade at you. Instead of dodging out of the way, let it get close to you. This will trigger a short slow-motion opportunity to melee the grenade.

As long as you manage to hit the grenade, it’ll launch right back at the Boomhut destroying it. It can be a little finicky to hit sometimes if you’re aim isn’t spot on. So don’t feel bad if you need to try a few times to whack it back. You can also keep an eye out for a button prompt that appears above your head when it’s time to melee.

That’s all there is regarding how to destroy Boomhuts in Biomutant. So if you noticed a puzzle on the outpost wall and can’t interact with it yet, this is why. You need to get rid of any Boomhuts before you can proceed further into the outpost. Once they’re taken out, you can complete any puzzles and continue advancing forward.

While certain weapons like the Clonk Fist are required for destroying walls, you can use any melee weapon here. Any melee type will work to knock that grenade back so long as your timing is right.

If you have any other Biomutant questions for us, feel free to ask in the comments. We’ll try to get back to you and help out as soon as possible. For more guides be sure to visit our guide hub here. We’ve also included some guides below that may teach you something new too.