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Biomutant – Can You Save Mooma

Biomutant - Can You Save Mooma Guide

Biomutant is an open-world RPG where you often revisit past memories of your childhood. While doing so you’ll continue to build a relationship with a mother character named Mooma. This varies from her making sure you’re okay after encountering bullies to training you in combat. With that said, the rest of this guide contains story spoilers regarding whether or not you can save Mooma.

Can You Save Mooma in Biomutant? (Spoilers)

Biomutant - Lupa-Lupin Village Attack

Once you go to sleep after training with your Mooma during a childhood memory, you’ll wake up to a village attack. The Lupa-Lupin creature is burning the village and destroying it. This leads to a small scene trying to escape and then a boss fight where you can only do so much. Eventually, Lupa-Lupin tosses you into the water where Mooma dives to try and save you.

While trying to swim away to safety, you’ll need to latch onto her back to not drown. This leads to the Lupa-Lupin creature swiping at the two of you and sadly, knocking her underwater. The narrator makes it clear that this is the end of Mooma with the quote below. Unfortunately, your actions up to this point don’t seem to make a difference in saving Mooma.

“Death is not to be feared by one who has lived life with a pure heart. A part of her will live on in you,” said by the narrator.

Biomutant - Mooma Death

While she wasn’t able to save the village, she was able to at least save you.

This leads to you successfully getting out of the water and attempting to escape with Popsi, your father figure. Despite almost getting away, Lupa-Lupin continues to chase you. Popsi tosses you onto a nearby cliff so you can escape while he tries to climb up. This unfortunately leads to what we can assume is another family death. Even though the flashback cuts before you’d know for sure.

This final flashback with Mooma and Popsi starts your story arch in tracking Lupa-Lupin down for revenge or forgiveness. A few characters along your journey will ask how you feel about those memories looking back.

If you have any other Biomutant questions for us, feel free to ask in the comments below. We’re currently working on more guides for the game to continue helping everyone out. Here are two guides we currently have that may teach you something.