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Knockout City – How to Fake Throw

Knockout City - Fake Throw Guide

Knockout City is a dodgeball game where it helps if you know how to fake throw for tough players. This is a way to make it look like you’re about to throw a ball so they try to catch it early. You can then get away with hitting them while they’re vulnerable and unable to catch again. Continue reading our Knockout City guide below for how to fake throw.

How to Fake Throw in Knockout City

Knockout City - Fake Throw Tip

Fake throws are another useful trick similar to curve throws for knocking out players. Fortunately, this is one of the simpler moves for confusing enemy players. For people playing on PC, all you need to do is press F while holding a ball. This will do a quick animation making it look like you’re about to throw your ball. But it will never leave your hands.

If you’re playing on console, the PC controls suggest that all you need to do is click the right thumbstick in. We’re assuming this is the case for all three Knockout City console platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. If this isn’t the case, feel free to comment below and let us know. We’ll update our article if there’s a mistake.

Fake Throw Tips and Tricks

Knockout City may look simple from the outside, but there are a lot of small tricks that make it tough. Fake throws are one of those tricks. The best way to confuse someone especially when you’re close to them is with a fake throw. However, you don’t want to do it too many times, because they’ll start to learn to wait.

This is why it’s best to try and take advantage of an opening after the first fake. However, if they don’t try to catch it, you’ll either want to do it again or look for a different target. By combining this trick with a curve ball or lob shot, you can get a good hit in. Fake throws from a far distance away won’t work as easily since the player has a lot of time to react.

Once an enemy team learns that you like to fake your throws, they’ll start to look for it more often. So try not to do it constantly in the same match, or else it won’t work as well. This is just one quick Knockout City tip for this strategy.

If you have any other questions for us, feel free to comment below the article and we’ll try to help you out. We’re working on more guides for Knockout City and have a couple listed below that may be of interest to you.