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The Walking Dead: Survivors – Best Formations to Use

The Walking Dead Survivors Guide

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a free to play mobile game where it helps to know the best formations worth using. The developer has implemented essentially a rock paper scissors system where certain fighter types are better than others. This is why it’s important to prioritize which fighters you use whether you’re going against players or walkers. Continue reading our guide below to learn more.

Best Formations to Use in The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead Survivors Best Formation Tips

The best formations in The Walking Dead: Survivors vary depending on what you’re doing. With that said, the three different types of fighters will always have their own advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately, you can offset disadvantages by researching certain technology. This requires a high-level Town Hall as well, so you may need to wait a little bit.

For example, the Melee Training category under your Library has technology for making your melee fighters stronger overall. The first technology specifically makes them better against sharpshooters. The other two categories for each fighter type are Sharpshooter Training and Cavalry Training. However, don’t forget to continue improving each individual formation too under the March Queue sections.

Regardless of the technology you have researched, here’s a quick explanation of which fighters to use in The Walking Dead: Survivors:

  • Melee fighters are better against sharpshooters
  • Cavalry fighters are better against melee.
  • Sharpshooters are better against cavalry.

Best Combat Survivors in The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead Survivors Best Survivors Tip 1

While there are certain combat survivors that are better than others, the reality is you’re still limited by fragment pieces. This is why it’s important to point out every survivor has a rarity that makes their fragments more or less common to get. For those that don’t know, fragments are used to upgrade your survivor to higher star levels.

Until you increase a survivor’s star level, they won’t be able to reach higher max levels. This prevents you from upgrading their skills and march capacity for each crew. Overall, lowering their potential and power in that formation. The color rarities increase starting at: green – blue – purple – gold.

While the higher rarities are definitely stronger, they’re much more difficult to upgrade. Players who don’t mind spending money on The Walking Dead: Survivors will have a much easier time. This is the unfortunate reality of this mobile game being pay to win. So if you’re playing without spending any money, you’re better off prioritizing purple survivors instead. Here are some quick survivor recommendations:

PvP Survivors

  • Jared – This seems to be the most popular PvP pick because his global buff increases the attack of all fighters against towns. Also, his fourth skill increases the attack and defense of his crew against towns.
  • Boyd – This is a popular pick for defending towns because his global buff and fourth skills are based around town defense.

PvE Survivors

  • Rick – He’s great for a strong early survivor primarily against Walkers. This is because his global buff provides more experience when fighting Walkers. Also, his fourth skill increases attack and march speed when targeting Walkers.
  • Patricia – She’s an okay follow-up choice next to Rick, but you may want to pass on upgrading her since her rarity is blue. Regardless, her global buff and third skill all focus on improving your fighters against Walkers.

Overall Survivors

The Walking Dead Survivors Best Survivors Tip 2

  • Ezekiel – This is probably the best survivor if you can somehow get him and the fragments to upgrade his star level. His fourth skill significantly increases march capacity, attack, defense, and combat speed of a crew when maxed. If you can somehow max that fourth skill, you’ll get an extra 2,500 fighters. Also, his global buff seems to be the highest for increasing the attack of fighters.
  • The Governor – This is a solid follow-up pick alongside Ezekiel that also benefits from increasing a crew’s march capacity. Despite being nowhere near Ezekiel’s max of 2,500 fighters, The Governor can increase it up to 400.
  • Shane – I’m tossing Shane in here since you’ll have an easier time getting fragments compared to the other two gold survivors.

It’s difficult to test which survivors are the best in The Walking Dead: Survivors since their strengths revolve around each skill. Especially since global buffs apply immediately regardless of whether they’re in a formation. If you have a survivor that you think is extremely strong and worth adding to our list, feel free to comment below the article.

One final tip for The Walking Dead: Survivors is to make sure you forge equipment for your survivors. After completely equipping one of my survivors, she increased in power by 52k. This makes a huge impact in getting more out of your formations.

If you’d like to see more guides for The Walking Dead: Survivors, we’ve listed a few below that may be of interest to you. And if you have a question not answered in our guide, feel free to comment below and we’ll try to help.


Sunday 2nd of October 2022

Can you list the ways that a player can lose power?


Friday 19th of May 2023

@Chris, most easily by losing troops