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Outriders – What Does Ash Do?

Outriders - Ash Guide Screenshot

If you’re playing Outriders as a Pyromancer and aren’t sure how certain status effects work, this guide is for you. The second ability the Pyromancer gets is Feed the Flames which has Ash on it. Continue reading below to learn how this works both against enemies and your character.

What Does Ash Do in Outriders?

Outriders - What Does Ash Do

Ash is one of eight different status effects in Outriders that functions as a type of crowd control. Enemies hit by Ash are stunned for 2.5 seconds. Similar to another crowd control status effect, Freeze, which stuns enemies for 3.5 seconds. If you’re ever stunned by either effect, you can break free from it by using your melee attack. Fortunately, stuns don’t last long, but you may be able to get out of it a little bit quicker.

Also, you can become completely immune to status effects like these by using certain item mods. If you have an item mod with Status Immunity on it, you’ll become immune to all status effects temporarily. Don’t forget that elites and bosses have their own resistance that builds up when they’re hit by too many abilities at once. This prevents stuns and status effects in general from applying.

For more information on every status effect in Outriders, we have a guide detailing them here. Whether you’re looking to know how much damage Burn does or the difference between Vulnerable and Weakness. And if you’re looking for other useful Outriders guides, we have more below.