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Eternal Return: Black Survival – Aya Build

Eternal Return Aya Build Guide

Welcome to our Eternal Return: Black Survival Aya Build filled with tips and tricks for learning and mastering her. This guide includes specific items to use, tips for how to use her skills, and other miscellaneous tricks you may not know. If you’re looking for general Eternal Return: Black Survival tips and tricks, we have those here too.

Skills With Tips
Build Items and Route
Aya Tips and Tricks

Learning Aya’s Skills

Eternal Return Aya Double Shot Double Shot (Q) Double Shot is your primary damage dealer for this long rifle build since it significantly raises your DPS. Try to spec into this first so you can spam it against both players and animals for high damage.
Eternal Return Aya Steady Shot  Steady Shot (W) Steady Shot is a strong ability, but it’s easy for other players to dodge. You’re stuck shooting in a straight line for the full duration of the skill, which requires you to strafe if a player is. However, it’s still great for destroying animals with a lot of health.
Eternal Return Aya Moving Turn Moving Turn (E) Moving Turn is great for escaping and chasing enemies. This is one of a few abilities in Eternal Return where you can dash through walls.
Eternal Return Aya Blank Cartridge Blank Cartridge (R) Blank Cartridge is Aya’s ultimate which summons a large circle around her temporarily stunning anyone caught in it. Depending on how long this skill is channeled chooses how much damage is dealt and how long they’re stunned. You can activate it early by tapping it again. Patch 0.24.0 made this interruptable.
Eternal Return Aya Aya's Justice Aya’s Justice (Passive) Aya’s Justice is a passive skill that triggers a shield after taking damage. Basic attacks reduce the cooldown of this. For the build in this guide, this isn’t an important skill to spec into.
Eternal Return Aya Sniper Sniper (D) Sniper is a weapon skill that increases your range of vision in a forward cone, allowing you to shoot far away enemies. A red line will stay on them, showing the target that you’re about to shoot. If you have good map awareness, you may find many wide-open opportunities for this skill. Or you can use it to steal a kill as well.

Aya Sniper Build Items

Eternal Return Aya Build Route

This is a sniper build I started using that Tomsorcer got from Korean players. The Tac-50 sniper rifle limits you to two shots per reload, but this build focuses on using skill amplification heavily instead. A good chunk of your damage comes from harassing with Double Shot, Steady Shot, and potentially ambushing with Blank Cartridge. The Sniper weapon skill can work well for finishing an enemy running away or engaging in an active fight.

The route for this build keeps you in Temple a little long looking for three Gemstones. However, you can teleport from Temple to School, then teleport from Alley to Forest. In order to give you some options, a build from Scazzaf is also below. The weapons shown in the table below are for the Tac-50 build.

  • Build Import Code (Tomsorcer): 170836
  • Build Import Code (Scazzaf): 73222
Tac-50 Attack Power +140, Vision Range +2.5, Life Steal +20%, 2 Ammo
Sunset Armor Defense +28, Max Health +360
Imperial Burgonet Defense +10, Max SP +200, Movement Speed +0.1, Critical Damage Reduction +10%, Cooldown Reduction +10%, Skill Amplification +18%
Draupnir Defense +10, Max SP +240, HP Regen +1, Skill Amplification +17%
Straightjacket Sneakers SP Regen +0.7, SP Regen +50%, Movement Speed +0.35, Skill Amplification +10
Uchiwa SP Regen +100%, Life Steal +15%, Skill Amplification +21

Quick Aya Tips and Tricks

Eternal Return Aya Tips and Tricks

  • Your engage will either start with an R ultimate or harassing with Q. Then, follow up with W and maybe finish with D. Your E is situational if you need to escape or chase. So essentially, R/Q-W-Q-D.
  • Moving Turn on Aya’s E can be used for dashing through walls to escape or chase.
  • You can use Blank Cartridge from a bush to get a quick stun with decent damage. Don’t be afraid to use it mid-fight as well.
  • Your Sniper weapon skill works best when there’s nothing for someone to hide behind. So avoid using it indoors.
  • Level up your Q, W, and E once, then max out your Q and ultimate on R.
  • As your Double Shot (Q) is on a low cooldown, take advantage of it for hunting animals. Your Steady Shot (W) works great on quickly killing boars, wolves, and bears too. This will help hone your weapon masteries if you’re not hunting players.
  • Don’t forget to reload in-between fights. You can also reload while using your Steady Shot (W) and plenty of other actions too.

If you’re playing Eternal Return: Black Survival and have some Aya tips of your own, be sure to let others know in the comments. And if you’re looking for more content, we’ve got a tier list guide here based on win rates. Or if you’d prefer some tips on leveling quickly, we’ve got that here too.