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Everspace 2 – A Custom’s-Made Error Walkthrough

Everspace 2 - A Customs-Made Error Walkthrough 3

If you need help completing the Everspace 2 mission, A Custom’s-Made Error, continue reading below for our walkthrough. This guide contains in-detail steps on what you need to do for each objective alongside some tips and tricks. If you’re still struggling with something, comment below the article to get some help.

A Custom’s-Made Error Walkthrough

Everspace 2 - A Customs-Made Error Walkthrough 1

If you dock at the DMZ Research Station at Prescott Starbase, in the Union system, you’ll receive this side mission. A researcher needs you to hunt down a package lost in customs, even if it requires some thievery. After getting the mission, make your way over to the Zharkov Border Control site using your Jump Drive. Follow the mission marker until you come across a Bulletproof Container hidden behind a blue forcefield. Fortunately, there’s a quick trick to disabling this shield.

Everspace 2 - A Customs-Made Error Walkthrough 2

Take a look at the other side of the structure holding the container and you’ll find two generators on the back. Destroy each generator to disable the forcefield and then loot the container with a Fragile Parcel in it. The other two containers have some loot worth grabbing if you have the cargo space available. Once you have the Fragile Parcel, you can either return back to the DMZ Research Station or continue looting cargo containers around Zharkov Border Control.

This area has a good amount of containers you can loot that are locked behind different obstacles. One requires destroying a floor panel, while others may require using Power Cell Dispensers to unlock. Keep an eye out for new markers that appear. Also, there are plenty of ships being scanned that can simply be looted without any puzzles. You just need to be wary of cargo scanners hitting you. If you’re finished looting Zharkov Border Control or would prefer to come back later, return to the Prescott Starbase. Dock at the DMZ Research Station and deliver the package to complete A Custom’s-Made Error.

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Sunday 30th of January 2022

Thank you! Struggled with this one for some reason. Appreciate the breakdown

Jeffrey Lerman

Sunday 30th of January 2022

Glad to be of help John! I remember certain mission objectives being easy to miss or get stuck on.